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Aug 20 2019

Mediaversity Reviews: Guide for Avoiding Moonbatty Movies

Occasionally moonbats make themselves useful by producing guides that help us to avoid moonbattery. Buy Boycott Blue is no longer with us, but now we have Mediaversity Reviews, which warns us away from Cultural Marxist propaganda by endorsing movies that are lousy with it.

This is how films are graded:

[T]he Mediaversity grade reflects how inclusive a program is and should be used as a tool to view media within its broader social context. … Our scoring system prioritizes intersectionality.

“Intersectionality” means that it is better for a protagonist to be both an illegal alien from Somalia and a cross-dressing sexual deviant than only one or the other.

The grading system includes the following:

A+ (5.0) — This some woke sh**.

C (3.20 – 3.39) — Diversity was not a priority.

D (2.00 – 2.59) — These creators don’t see race.

F (1.00 – 1.99) — How was this greenlit?

One Angry Gamer reviews the reviewers:

Films like Avengers: Endgame and Once Upon A Time In Hollywood both ended up with a C-. In the case of Avengers it didn’t feature enough coloreds in significant roles and not enough female representation – oh, and somehow Thor being fat in Endgame was viewed by Mediaversity as a negative trait for the film because it lacked representation for body positivity, mainly because fat Thor was played off as a joke. …

[T]he top “woke” movie of 2017 was Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The film earned itself an A- for all of the typical tokens one would expect from a so-called “Progressive” outlet. …

[U]se Mediaversity to find out which films you should avoid for all of that woke nonsense. Think of it as an inverse guide to finding good films.

So far, no movies have been reviewed that piqued my interest, but Shaft did earn a score of F, so at least we know it can’t be all bad.

Hat tip: Maggie’s Farm.

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