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May 18 2016

Melania Trump on Jewish Reporter Menaced by Trumpsters: The Reporter Provoked Them

An energetic core of Trump’s online support from the beginning has been the alt-right, whose proponents have been drawn to him by a wistful belief in the sincerity of his recent stands regarding Third World immigration, and by his willingness to wink in their direction, despite their politically toxic neo-Nazi inclinations. Just as a segment of the left manages to blame everything on global warming, the national socialist alt-right has discovered its own root of all evil: Jews.

That’s what made it alarming when Trump pointedly refused to condemn anti-Semitic attacks and death threats by his supporters against reporter Julia Ioffe, who had written an article for GQ about Melania Trump that she didn’t like because it brought up the family matter of an alienated half-brother back in Slovenia that she regards as private.

Now we learn that Melania is not exactly adamant in rejecting his point of view:

If Ioffe provoked them, then she must have deserved this:

…and this:

Giving these people power will not make them less scary.

On a tip from Torcer.

10 Responses to “Melania Trump on Jewish Reporter Menaced by Trumpsters: The Reporter Provoked Them”

  1. calmly_observing says:

    There are enough cultists to go around every election, whether they support a Dem or GOPer. I’ve seen caricatures of Bush, Obama, and their supporters and detractors that make me cringe as much as those above.

    But for sure, all of Trumps family and officials should at least be clear they do no condone anti-Semitic behavior such as the image of her in a camp.

  2. joko says:

    Jews have done more damage then any other single group to conservatives. behind every anti-white, anti-Christian movement there is a jew. Hollywood, George soros, ACLU, NAACP, the list goes on, on average they vote democrat 75 to 80%. I don’t understand why you defend them the same why liberals defend Muslims

  3. Stephen says:

    The first time I ever heard a bonafide Hitler joke was at the Sunday dinner table and it was made by my 14 year old niece. Sweet young girl, smart as a whip, figures the holocaust is ancient history and completely irrelevant today.

    Kids these days aren’t going to buy into the Glenn Beck Conservatism jew-dolatry. They’re either going to be left wingers or they’re going to lump the jews in with every other poor persecuted group (blacks, hispanics, homos, pedos, trans-gendered, muslims, goat-f***ers, disabled fat feminists, etc…) in sort of a ‘oh give me a break’ attitude. Sucks for the jews to be drown in a sea of far less victimized victims, but those are the breaks.

    Moreover Glenn Beck Conservatism is very much a product of white political hegemony. As white people are turned into 60%, 50%, 45% of the population, arguments for ‘limited government, strict constitutionalism, etc…’ are going to come across about as forcefully as arguments for putting up more ‘gun free zone’ signs…yeah right, that ought to work….

    At any rate, the alt-right is indeed vulgar, ugly, dirty in more ways than one, but I’d put my money on them being a more dominant force than Beckian Conservatism in a generation, precisely because they’re willing to get very dirty. Democracy in a multi-cultural, multi-racial, multi-lingual *nation* is going to be a very ugly busy and the modern Conservative will be the last to figure out how to play the game.

  4. Tom says:

    Here you go again, using one of the left’s favorite tactics…
    The old “You didn’t immediately CONDEMN it!…Why not?…You must be A-OK with, heck, maybe secretly in favor of, ANTI-SEMITIC ATTACKS! because you did not come out with a strong repudiation of anonymous twitter trolls! ”

    Yeah, then who’s next?…If Trump “condemns” these trolls who you SAY are Trump supporters (never heard the term “ratfucking” I take it)…then who’s next? The next bunch of social media idiots say something stupid and then Trump-haters such as yourselves and the MSM would be all, “Mr. Trump! Mr. Trump! You condemned the anti-Semitic tweets…why won’t you now condemn [insert random knucklehead / plant here], Mr. Trump? Do you agree with [random knucklehead / plant], Mr. Trump? Why won’t you condemn this blah blah blah…?”

    Just the kind of keep-em-on-the-ropes strategy the Dems have used to great success in the past (Congressman Akin springs to mind) and now you’re actually HELPING the Democratic liars…

    Why don’t you just go ahead and put out your “HILLARY 2016>>>AT LEAST SHE’S NOT TRUMP!>>>> masthead and be done with it because that’s exactly what you are promoting by attempting to play the Democrats’ game by the Democrats’ rules against the GOP candidate.

  5. Tom says:

    Gosh, Dave…this guy blames the Jews for basically everything wrong with conservatism, and sees the evil Shylock behind anything anti-white or anti-christian…he sees the fact that, yes indeed, there were Jewish folks who were instrumental in the founding of the NAACP over a century ago as just more evidence of the Jews whitey-hating ways.
    Shouldn’t you condemn him? Disavow his comments?

  6. Stosh says:

    Tough to figure out condemning anti-Semitic remarks without a couple focus groups and high level meetings….

  7. Willard the Newt says:

    It’s becoming increasingly evident you #NeverTrump cockroaches are becoming smaller in number, and increasingly marginalized, as each day goes by.
    Word: Y’all need to find and Island for misfit commenters/bloggers and isolate your selves. That way you monkeys can be happy all by yourselves flinging poo at each other.
    But here’s the real deal: you #NeverTrump oddball queer misfits are too few in number to affect the election one way or the other. Trump is going to expand the voter base by picking up a greater share of the independents and disaffected Dems than previous GOP nominees (and that includes Reagan). That will more than make-up for the obstinate whiney #Never Trump dick-heads.
    Like it or not, Trump is going to trounce Hillary and become our next president. And President Trump will do more damage to the Progressive movement than any American president in modern history
    Trump 2016

  8. Willard the Newt says:

    Want to know who derailed movement-conservatism?
    One word answer: Neoconservatives.

  9. J.j. Cintia says:

    Yeah all this so called Anti-Semitism and racism poopytalk is getting less and less relevant as Whites begin to realize the government is purposely bringing in aliens for the expressed purpose of removing their legitimate power in a country they founded. The Alt-Right is just one of many groups who now realize the inherent Anti-White goals of this New Satanic System to reduce and remove White influence by trying to flood the country with ignorant inferior clients paid and subsidized to help create their police state as these morons have no experience or expectations of freedom from their home countries and will quickly bow to those who feed them.

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