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Oct 23 2019

Menacing Warning From Antifa

It’s easy to laugh at the Stalinist fantasies that drive Antifa losers — until you realize that sometimes armies of slobs like this end up in control of major countries:

Cowards are encouraged to be very vocal about supporting all things moonbatty now, “because God help you if you are found to be one of those people who backed the Trump Administration when the Left comes for you, because the Left will come for you, one way or the other.”

Recall that Trump was democratically elected; the Left will have to come for a large percentage of the population. But it has done so before, in Russia, China, Cambodia, North Korea, et cetera.

Guys like this are going to love working at the torture chambers and gulags if progressives manage to make America into the Soviet Union II. He is correct that things will go very hard for countermoonbats if we are not able to stop them.

On a tip from KMD.

One Response to “Menacing Warning From Antifa”

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