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Jun 11 2020

Merriam-Webster Complies With Demand to Change Definition of “Racism”

Young Woman of Color Kennedy Mitchum has proclaimed that the current definition of the word “racism” does not comply with her ideology.

Here is the current primary definition of “racism” at Merriam-Webster:

a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race

As a cudgel to clobber hated whites, this does not suffice. After all, racist = bad among liberals. How to reconcile this with Black Lives Matter being the most conspicuously racist hate group in the country?

So Kennedy sent an email to Merriam-Webster. Via KMOV4:

And after a few back and forth emails, the editor of Merriam Webster Dictionary agreed and wrote back, “While our focus will always be on faithfully reflecting the real-world usage of a word, not on promoting any particular viewpoint, we have concluded that omitting any mention of the systemic aspects of racism promotes a certain viewpoint in itself.”

Those who are not woke are thought criminals. By the same token, failing to politicize dictionary definitions on behalf of left-wing ideology would make Merriam-Webster right-wing.

MW Dictionary editor Alex Chambers wrote to the young SJW, apologizing “for the harm and offense we have caused in failing to address the issue sooner” and promising to draft a new definition for the word “racism.”

Here’s a suggestion:

rac·ism | \ ˈrā-ˌsi-zəm also -ˌshi- \
1 : the thing about white people that makes them so loathsome

Whatever they want altered or abolished, all they have to do is bark a command. It pays to be oppressed.

On tips from Adam, ABC of the ANC, and Ed McAninch.

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