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Sep 19 2019

Merriam-Webster Dictionary Serves Moonbat Agenda

Not content to make constant revisions to the Newspeak Dictionary used by Inner Party members, social engineers are having their way with the Merriam-Webster dictionary used by the rest of us. Check out this new definition for the word “they”:

—used to refer to a single person whose gender identity is nonbinary (see NONBINARY sense c)

I knew certain things about … the person I was interviewing.… They had adopted their gender-neutral name a few years ago, when they began to consciously identify as nonbinary — that is, neither male nor female. They were in their late 20s, working as an event planner, applying to graduate school.
— Amy Harmon

No doubt Merriam-Webster will soon include the full range of fabricated pronouns intended to undermine reality (ze/hir, co/cos, xe/xem/xyr, hy/hym/hys, et cetera).

This isn’t the first time the Merriam-Webster people have conscripted American English into service of the liberal agenda. Look how they define “assault rifle”:

: any of various intermediate-range, magazine-fed military rifles (such as the AK-47) that can be set for automatic or semiautomatic fire

also : a rifle that resembles a military assault rifle but is designed to allow only semiautomatic fire

That second clause is useful if you want to lay the groundwork for confiscation of everyday civilian rifles used for sport and home defense. As recently as June 13, 2016, an assault rifle was defined like this:

any of various automatic or semiautomatic rifles with large capacity magazines designed for military use

The new definition is in line with the liberal strategy of conflating anything they think looks like an assault rifle with an actual assault rifle.

Expect the future Merriam-Webster definition of “racist” to read something along the lines of “Anyone who does not vote for Democrats.”

On tips from Varla and heckrules.

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