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Jun 25 2019

#MeToo Bottoms Out With E. Jean Carroll

The liberal media has managed to dig up someone who may be even weirder and less credible than Christine Blasey Ford. Presenting E. Jean Carroll, a visibly insane 75-year-old woman who has grabbed hold of her 15 minutes by claiming, without credible substantiation but with pornographic details, that Trump sexually assaulted her 23 years ago:

A TV interview with the author accusing Donald Trump of sexual assault had to be abruptly cut short when she bizarrely called rape “sexy”.

CNN presenter Anderson Cooper quickly moved to an advert break after E Jean Carroll declared: “I think most people think of rape as being sexy… Think of the fantasies.”

At least Cooper knows enough to squirm in embarrassment:

#MeToo mania is bottoming out.

So is the “mainstream” media. In its Reader Center yesterday, the New York Times published its regrets that it didn’t push this kook’s improbable claims aggressively enough — even though she is clearly trying to generate sales for a forthcoming book.

Many have written to ask us why we didn’t give the allegations more attention on our website and in print. (The Times published an 800-word story on Friday evening, but did not promote the story on its home page until late Saturday morning and did not run a print story until Sunday.) Some questioned whether the lack of prominence showed too much deference to the president’s denials, or whether it even suggested misogyny or an unwillingness to believe a victim’s account.

“Believe all women” is an ideological requirement for the sort of moonbats who run the Times — so long as women are saying something leftists want to hear.

The Reader Center took the concerns to The Times’s top editors and sat down with Dean Baquet, the executive editor.

He said the critics were right that The Times had underplayed the article, though he said it had not been because of deference to the president.

If you want deference to the president from the Slimes, first you have to elect a left-wing Democrat.

Bleats Baquet, “We were overly cautious.”

They appear still to have some vestigial remnant of journalistic integrity. But they are struggling to shrug it off.

Even Anderson Poopchuter has more shame than the Shady Gray Lady.

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