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Feb 15 2018

#MeToo Jumps the Ultimate Shark

#MeToo hysteria has jumped the ultimate shark. Rabbi Tamara Kolton denounces God for sexual misconduct:

The story that begins the bible, the first one that we learn in Sunday school, the founding story of man and woman upheld for thousands of years by Judeo-Christian religion, is actually the story of the first sexual assault of a woman. The woman’s name is Eve. And the perpetrator? God. …

Here is a young, beautiful, intelligent, naked woman living in a state of Grace. She’s hungry, so she does the most natural thing in the world and eats a piece of fruit. For following her instincts, trusting herself, and nourishing her body, she is punished. Her punishment? She will never again feel safe in her nakedness. She will never again love her body. She will never again know her body as a place of sacred sovereignty.

Actually, there was other food available. Eve ate the apple to acquire forbidden knowledge. But apparently these days you can’t expect a rabbi to know that much about it.

“What have you done?” He God thunders. Eve wants to defend herself, but she is too ashamed to speak. Eve, our first mother whose name means the “mother of all living things,” is silenced, much the way the “patients” of Dr. Nassar were.

The reference is to her fellow Michigander, the serial girl molester sentenced to 360 years (although he could get out in 140 years with good behavior), Larry Nasser.

Considering that it is part of the Jewish religion, you would think a rabbi would have access to the Old Testament. Eve was not silenced; she tried to blame the serpent.

The founding myth of Judeo-Christian religion, the story of Eve, granted generations of men permission to violate women. It teaches us that women are liars and sinners. Even if “She” is telling the truth, she deserved it. God told her not to eat that apple, or wear that skirt, or go out after dark, or be pretty, or desirous, or in that bar or on that street or in that car or born a girl.

Sure, that’s what the Bible is all about. No wonder liberals say Christianity is just as bad as Islam.

This God, this man-made figurehead of the patriarchy, is not my God. He is a fiction, a man-made myth [yap yap yap yap yap…]

Having denounced God as a perpetrator of sexual assault and the Old Testament as “misogynistic mythology,” Kolton seems to suggest we should worship Eve instead:

I know that at this very moment in time, Eve is with us and she is awed and proud that we are finally finding our voices, one at time, and then hundreds, and thousands at a time. She, who was lost to us so long ago, is actually here with us now, marching in the streets, testifying, raising her voice, at last.

Just listen…

Eve, our blessed mother, is saying, “#Metoo.”

Orthodox Jew Ben Shapiro describes Kolton’s piece with the words stupid, asinine, ridiculous, ludicrous, imbecilic, witless, obtuse, fatuous, harebrained, doltish, and preposterous. He is too kind. The piece is far worse; it is progressive.

Leftists are destroying Judaism the same way they are destroying Christianity: by subverting it from within, hollowing out the content and replacing it with moonbattery that will cause congregations to wander off in disgust.

On a tip from Lyle.

18 Responses to “#MeToo Jumps the Ultimate Shark”

  1. Uchuck says:

    Adam, because of his male privilege, was allowed to remain in the Garden forever, right Rabbi?

  2. KirklesWorth says:

    She (Tamara Kolton, the female rabbi and psychologist in Birmingham, Michigan) obviously inherited Eve’s deceitfulness as well as the serpent’s lying.

  3. That Rapscallion...EtoculusDei says:

    The voice of the serpent in the Garden. That’s what I hear when I read the Rabbi? Tamara’s Horse sh it.

    Women: Forever the victims. Heaven help them if they ever have to truly fend for themselves.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Power corrupts, but progressivism corrupts absolutely.

  5. KHarn says:

    =No wonder liberals say Christianity is just as bad as Islam.=

    And according to THEIR standards, suggesting that any islamic group is bad makes THEM “racist” and “islamophobic”.

    =”This God, this man-made figurehead of the patriarchy, is not my God. He is a fiction, a man-made myth…”=

    With this statement, her whole argument is invalid. How can a “fiction” violate a woman?

  6. MAS says:

    When one won’t even give the Holy Scriptures the respect of at least any other book when reading it drivel like this “Rabbi” extrudes is what y’all can expect. Honestly, we seem to treat a Tom Clancy novel with more hermeneutical respect than the Bible. Thus ultimate right is wrong for this Jezebel and I wouldn’t want to be in her shoes when God manslpains her sin to her directly…

  7. MAS says:

    Oh sure rain just all over her metaphorical dogma. You, you, you mansplaining misogynist…

  8. Mr. Freemarket says:

    “Here is a young, beautiful, intelligent, naked woman…”

    Further proof that being intelligent doesn’t make one wise. The thing that separates humans from the animals is the ability to make conscious decisions. Eve (and Adam) were free to eat anything in the garden with the exception of one tree. It was a test of obedience. You know….do what Father tells you to do, in some cases, simply because he said not to.

    One other thing. What God creates is immortal. He could not create Adam and Eve with imperfect bodies. They could/would literally live forever in the Garden, living in a state of innocence. By their own decisions, they chose to become mortal, subject to death. There is a price to be paid for knowledge.

  9. Dan T says:

    Another warped liberal who thinks she has all the right answers. Sure. I’m so impressed by what she said. Sure I am. pathetic drivel.

  10. Bill589 says:

    The Rabbi misquotes scripture in order to make her argument. Everybody, but especially Rabbis, should know this is wrong.

    This is further evidence that Leftism is a mental disorder.

  11. Franklyfrank says:

    Thankfully most women I know don’t even come close to thinking like this self-hating jackass.

  12. That Rapscallion...EtoculusDei says:

    Yesssss. There are many good women in the world. They would be the one’s silenced by the feminists.

  13. cieran58 says:

    Given the Jewish background of the person in question, I would say Lilith’s deceitfulness and spite, rather than Eve.

  14. MAS says:

    Mine has a black belt (no kidding), any NOW bull dyke that tries to intimidate her had better have medical insurance…

  15. Callawyn says:

    So long as the #Metoo ‘movement’ is destroying the careers of prominent Libtards in Hollywood, the legacy liberal press, and the Democrat Party – I’m all for it.

    Pass the popcorn!

    They can jump all the sharks they want.

    Watching literally hundreds of prominent Liberals get ruined over this has been like Christmas every day. I wake up all excited each morning and check to see what vile, loathsome, scum have been denounced. Then I dance a jig and laugh hysterically!

  16. SuicideChickenWing says:

    It was not an apple. It was the fruit from the tree of knowledge if good and evil. This “Rabbi” is a kook.

  17. KHarn says:

    Yessss. Gooood! Your hate will bring you to the dark side!

  18. MAS says:

    Understand sarcasm you don’t. Hate it isn’t…

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