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Nov 12 2018

Michael Avenatti v Tucker Carlson

Last week moonbats laid siege to Tucker Carlson’s home, forcing his wife to lock herself in a pantry as they battered the front door. That isn’t the only abuse they have directed at his family. Here Carlson himself describes an incident from last month. Sorry about the quoted language:

The moonbat who verbally assaulted his daughter, Juan Manuel Granados, is a homosexual Latino immigrant and therefore the victim according to the rules of political correctness. He is also a hardcore moonbat: an LGBTQ activist who sits on the board of directors of the Women’s Initiative. His lawyer is Michael Avenatti:

Avenatti, who has clashed with Carlson before, tweeted a video that appeared to show Carlson telling someone “get the f— out of here.” The video does not show Carlson assaulting anyone.

Nonetheless, Avenatti shrieks that he may pursue criminal assault charges against Tucker Carlson.

Here’s the video:

Apparently, Avenatti also wants Carlson’s daughter prosecuted for underage drinking.

As mentioned above, Carlson and Avenatti have some history:

In September, Avenatti sat across from Carlson in a Fox interview as the chyron underneath them read “Creepy Porn Lawyer Toying with 2020 Run.”

Avenatti’s last client of note was Julie Swetnick, who may face legal consequences for making false allegations during the Democrat campaign to railroad Brett Kavanaugh in the name of #MeToo mania. Things did not work out much better for another client, porn actress Stormy Daniels, who may be on the hook to pay Donald Trump over $300,000 in legal fees.

On top of the ruined clients, his law firm has been evicted from its offices for nonpayment of rent. Also, he has been forced to pay $millions in back salary, and owes $millions more in taxes.

Maybe it is for the best that Avenatti give up on his troubled law practice and pursue the Democrat presidential nomination. No one does a better job of personifying what that party has become.

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