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Nov 26 2019

Michael Bloomberg Apology Tour

Zillionaire moonbat Michael Bloomberg previously ridiculed pandering pols for going on apology tours. Joke Biden, most infamously, has crawled around on his knees beseeching radicalized Democrats to forgive him for not always having his dial turned all the way to the left on every issue. Now that Bloomberg has declared his intention to buy the Democrat nomination, he is predictably on an apology tour himself:

Bloomberg may not be left-wing enough to compete with Elizabeth Warren or shameless enough to compete with Quid Pro Quo Joe, but he is the quintessential nanny state totalitarian. The former Mayor of New York has launched jihads against cigarettes, salt, firearms, trans fats, soda, soup, food donations, baby formula, escalators, earbuds, Styrofoam, sparklers, coal, and more.

It is a relief that his farcical campaign will go nowhere. Not that the other Democrats aren’t even worse.

On a tip from Kate P.

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