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Jun 08 2019

Michael Bloomberg Declares War on Coal

One of America’s great strengths is its abundance of coal, our #1 source of the electricity that makes a modern standard of living possible. The cartoonishly repressive former Mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg, who has launched jihads against cigarettes, salt, firearms, trans fats, soda, soup, food donations, baby formula, escalators, earbuds, Styrofoam, sparklers, and even soda drinking in Mexico, now wants to completely end the use of coal.

Bloomberg doesn’t hold a government position anymore. He intends to impose his malicious will the way George Soros does — with his money:

The billionaire announced that he will donate $500 million to close all of the nation’s coal plants by 2030. The Beyond Carbon initiative was created to bypass the federal government and work with states and utilities to “phase out every last U.S. coal-fired power plant by 2030.”

We are expected to believe that this would somehow improve the weather, in accordance with nutty liberal dogma.

Bloomberg unveiled the new climate initiative during a commencement address at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Bloomberg has also spent large amounts of money attempting to deny Americans the constitutionally protected right to bear arms.

As Bloomberg, Soros, and Silicon Valley remind us, government is not the only source of tyranny. Where there is money, there is power. Where there is power, there are scoundrels who abuse it. The price of liberty is eternal pushback.

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