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Sep 29 2011

Michael Bloomberg: Dictating What You Eat Is Government’s Highest Duty

Michael Bloomberg was elected Mayor of New York City, not Totalitarian Dictator of the Universe. Yet the borders of the Big Apple are no more a limit to his authoritarian ambitions than term limits were. Before the United Nations General Assembly, the Mayor for Life — speaking as the personification of bureaucratic coercion — shouldered the responsibility of determining what all humans should eat, or as he put it:

“[G]overnments at all levels must make healthy solutions the default social option. That is ultimately government’s highest duty.”

The address was an opportunity for Bloomberg to boast of the absurd dietary micromanagement he has imposed on New Yorkers. But even New York is too small for Bloomberg’s ambitions. Apparently it is intolerable to him that anyone anywhere eats something without permission. So he’s gone international:

“Collaboration across borders among national and local governments and agencies is also critical. The challenges before us are too vast and complex for individual governments to overcome alone.”

He found the right place to inflict totalitarian intrusiveness at the global level. Soon after Bloomberg’s appalling display of nanny state authoritarianism, the UN adopted a political declaration:

Among the items included in the declaration are having governments intervene with the advertising of foods deemed unhealthy to “Promote the implementation of the WHO (World Health Organization) set of recommendations on the marketing of foods and non-alcoholic beverages to children, including foods that are high in saturated fats, trans-fatty acids, free sugars, or salt,” according to the document.

The political declaration also touches upon taxation of unhealthy food and intervening in it’s production itself to promote, “the development and initiate the implementation, as appropriate, of cost-effective interventions to reduce salt, sugar and saturated fats, and eliminate industrially produced trans-fats in foods, including through discouraging the production and marketing of foods that contribute to unhealthy diet.”

That is, the UN sees fit to override freedom of speech and to set tax policy for member nations — which is yet another reason we should not be a member nation.

When we finally rise up and kick this malignant collection of oligarchical collectivists out of New York, Bloomberg needs to go with it.

It’s okay for Bloomberg to eat junk food, because he’s the Mayor for Life.

On tips from J, Wiggins, and GoY.

25 Responses to “Michael Bloomberg: Dictating What You Eat Is Government’s Highest Duty”

  1. Momster says:

    Typical Moonbat–do as I say not as I do.

    It’s OK for him to eat delicious junk food–after all he knows better–WE, however, must have all our decisions made for us because we are too STOOPID to think for ourselves.

  2. lao's flat rotting colon says:

    He was joking.

  3. lao's flat rotting colon says:

    I have just received update talking points from Think Progress. Bloomberg was not making a joke, he was using “hyperbole.” Yeah, that’s the ticket. Hyperbole.

  4. Mickey Shea says:

    Yeah, he’s lost his mind, no doubt about it.
    And he is a huge hypocrite. After he made smoking illegal in NYC he attended a yearly dinner of wall street movers and shakers and when they all lit up cigars after dinner
    there wasn’t a peep out of him.
    But let Joe Blow light up in a bar and the smoking police drag him away in chains and give him a hefty fine.

  5. Cameraman says:

    He”s a rolling Joke..Hey! NYC Flush this turd to the Hudson…

  6. Momster says:

    AND, Mickey Shea, the tobacco police will also arrest and fine the bar owner for not throwing a bucket of water on the guy’s ciggie.

  7. modd kenwood says:

    do as I say . not as I eat

  8. rjp says:

    Mayor Bloomberg on Twinkies:

    Deviant homosexual lifestyle with frequent transfer of HIV tainted semen between multiple partners. — Good.

    Hostess Twinkie. — Should be outlawed.

  9. chuck in st paul says:

    You notice the second thing out of their mouths is “tax”. They just can’t help themselves. They deserve newer limos and that 6 million dollar penthouse in Manhatten because of all the amazingly wonderful things they do like promoting child prostitution and such.

  10. Lee says:

    Fact: people stuffing their faces is a huge part of our national fiscal crisis. Look at the breakdown of healthcare costs for the obese in the US and consider the impact on medicare. I’m not for telling people what to eat, but I don’t want to pay for their bad decisions either. What’s the solution?

  11. PartyofNone says:

    “What’s the solution?”

    Stop using the government’s monopoly on force to compel people to pay for the health care of others. Then it’s neither your business nor is it your problem what others do with their lives.

  12. Adam says:

    How about the impact that sexually- active gays have on healthcare through contributing (Deliberately in some cases) to the spread of AIDS? There are clubs and groups of gays that deliberately have sex with men who they know are HIV positive, for the specific purpose of infecting themselves, I guess as a form of solidarity or something. You think I want to pay for their bad decisions? What’s the solution there?

  13. GoY says:

    I’m not for telling people what to eat, but I don’t want to pay for their bad decisions either. What’s the solution?

    Get the Government out of health care and make everyone pay for their own. Problem solved.

  14. Fiberal says:

    Lee says:
    What’s the solution?

    Once again, my privately-run Chinese Prison farm on the Yangtze River would solve so many problems in America, including the problem of obesity, if only people would listen.

  15. Lee says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for not protecting people from themselves. It was just a rhetorical question.

    Personally I have witnessed dissonance concerning medicare/medicaid among my conservative friends and acquaintances. The same people who favor limited government will shudder at the idea of not having any medicare/medicaid safety net.

  16. JamesJ says:

    Citizen’s arrest! Citizen’s arest!

  17. Jodie says:

    The reason that people shudder at the idea of the current administration messing with Medicare/Medicaid is that most of us have paid into the program since we were teens, have been guaranteed the benefits in writing, and have seen the politicians raiding and mismanaging the funds.

  18. Fiberal says:


    No dissonance here.

    You send the obese to me and I’ll ship ’em over to Fukushima to shovel nuclear waste.

    …Kill two birds with one egg roll.


    According to the big apples nasty worm he can stuff his bloated face while we must have our diets dictated to us WHY DONT HE JUST BENT OVER AND KISS HIS BACKSIDE INSTEAD

  20. TED says:

    NYC deserves this asshole!! You reap what you sow.

  21. Michelle Bozobama says:

    You’re all a bunch of reactionary “foodists.” I mean, if the government doesn’t tell us what we can and can’t eat……why, people will eat whatever they want, for cryin’ out loud. And THEN where would we all be?

  22. Uneducated Moonbat says:

    THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. KingLoser says:

    …that ain’t the first dog he stuck in his face …

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