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Nov 07 2016

Michael Medved Pays the Price for Not Boarding the Trump Train

This election has been miserable for a lot of people, but most of all for conservatives unwilling to betray conservativism by voicing support for Donald Trump — Michael Medved, for example:

Michael Medved is the only major nationally syndicated host of Salem Media — a fast-growing player in conservative, Christian radio and online media — who is vehemently anti-Donald Trump. (Other more regional hosts like Steve Deace are also on the Never Trump-train).

Medved has blasted Trump as “insecure, unprepared and angrily unhinged.”

Only in a miserable situation can we find out who we really are. For conservatives, Trump’s strikingly non-conservative populist progressive candidacy is such a situation.

Even Mark Levin, who makes a noisy production of his great esteem for himself as a principled constitutional conservative, has announced repeatedly that he will vote for Big Government authoritarian Donald Trump, thereby renouncing those same principles. Others in the ostentatiously principled camp have not only sold out, but have ferociously attacked those who would not join them, the most appallingly examples being Dennis Prager and William Bennett. Only dim bulbs like Sean Hannity and Michael Gallagher, who either do not to understand what Trump represents or who find national socialism appealing, have not been forced to choose between security and integrity.

Almost all of them have taken the path of least resistance, opting for security. But not Michael Medved. If self-respect came free of charge, everyone would have it. He must pay the price:

“I’m working with a syndicator that is enthusiastically pro-Trump and where all of the other syndicated hosts are pro-Trump,” Medved said. “Some more enthusiastically than others. But all pro-Trump. And it’s an awkward and uncomfortable position to be unable to board the Trump-train.”

Shortly after the Republican conventions, Medved’s show — which normally airs live in the afternoon hours around — was moved to the unenviable slot of 12 a.m. to 3 a.m. on 660 AM The Answer, the Salem affiliate in the prime Dallas market. Host Larry Elder took his slot.

Elder is not the sharpest tool in the shed. But what matters is that he enthusiastically endorses Trump.

Medved has been kicked off the lineup in Greenville, South Carolina, and also from Salem’s Decision 2016 national tour.

[A] former radio syndication executive who maintains client relationships with radio stations in several markets, said radio hosts with Salem have been threatened by executives that their schedules would be changed, or syndication deals altered, if they didn’t, at minimum, say they wanted Trump to win.

The opinion that in the long run both the conservative movement and the Republican Party will be in far better shape if Trump’s hijacking of the GOP for his own personal purposes fails is not welcome.

In a USA Today column from last month, Medved noted that his position has “generated primarily anger from our syndicator, many of our 300 local affiliates and thousands of indignant listeners.”

No doubt he has been subjected to staggeringly idiotic accusations that he likes Hillary, that he is getting paid by Hillary, that he has taken his stand to increase his audience, et cetera.

Swimming against the current is never easy. Making headway against a stampeding herd is harder still.

In contrast, Trump supporters have been rewarded:

“Year to date my audience is up just under 30 percent. The business side is great. The show has never been as booming as it is this year and I know it’s because I got this one right,” Gallagher said…

If you prefer loyal bumper sticker slogans shouted by simpletons like Hannity and Gallagher to independent voices like Medved’s, congratulations — everything is going your way.

Hannity’s ratings are doing fine.

On a tip from Varla.

87 Responses to “Michael Medved Pays the Price for Not Boarding the Trump Train”

  1. Wilberforce says:

    Exactly right about Steve Deace. Other than him, Glenn Beck is the only other holdout I know…

  2. Leonard Jones says:

    Of course, you in that camp that sees a conspiracy in everything. Radio
    has no other measure but ratings. Barring some scandal involving
    the sacrifice of babies, the only that gets your show moved or
    cancelled is ratings!

  3. rambler says:

    I can say that for my entire voting life i have been forced by both parties to vote the lesser of the evils. I have liked none of the candidates enough to be totally for them. I’m so sick of all the talking heads who spew support for one candidate or another, so I don’t pay much attention to any of them when making my decisions. I would be just fine if they all just shut up. Both parties disgust me. It would be nice for once if the patriotic public could win, instead of having the rug pulled out from under all of us time after time. The massive corruption in DC has to be destroyed no matter who wins the election.

  4. Artfuldgr says:

    tell Michael Medved to get a job with hillary… if he is against trump, she will pay him- and madonna will give him a BJ too!!!! nice deal if you can get it… i hear she can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch from 50 ft

  5. TheChaoticStorm says:

    Against Trump does not mean for Hillary. Against Hillary does not mean for Trump.

    Apparently this is hard to understand. I applaud you for sticking to your guns.

    Trump is a reprehensible candidate. Hillary is more despicable still. I think the cartoon posted earlier of the Russian Roulette revolvers is a pretty accurate description of the situation.

    It’s depressing that the nation is in this situation to begin with.

  6. TrojanMan says:

    Freedom of thought, expression, and speech can come at a high price.

  7. Tchhht!!! says:

    Medved is a self confessed liberal convert and RINO lover who never quite got over his liberalism. I remember him famously saying that Obama could never be President. Medved still on in his afternoon spot on AM 770 in uber liberal Seattle. He is an interesting listen sometimes but I turn him off when he starts to carry water for McConnell, Boehner, McLoon, and the rest. The other day he was defending The Hag by saying that she never attempted to trash Bill’s victims. I nearly puked.

  8. Stephen says:

    “Medved’s show — was moved to the unenviable slot of 12 a.m. to 3 a.m. on 660 AM”

    In other words, Medved’s show was moved from a lousy time slot on a 3rd rate radio station to the worst slot on a 3rd rate radio station. Most people familiar with basic precepts of free markets would recognize this as market forces at play.

  9. SNuss says:

    Levin has been consistent in his conservative views. He is against Hillary more than he is for Trump, and given that choice, he stated on his program that he IS (reluctantly) voting for Trump.
    But, he will voice his differences with the Trump platform, as well as denouncing Hillary..

  10. 762x51 says:

    Notice the Trumpanzee vermin have all rallied once again around their cult leader and renounced freedom of speech in the process. As with all Progressives, advancing the agenda is the single most important thing in their world. Like all Progressives, constitutional principles are acceptable only so long as they can be used in furtherance of their ideology but can be discarded instantly should they conflict with that same diseased mindset.

    The fascism of an authoritarian populist is no more palatable than the fascism of a totalitarian socialist which are the current choices. Trumpanzees are okay with fascism as long as it is their brand, not the other fascists brand, I despise both equally.

    Notice who their real enemy is, the one they appear daily to do battle with, Conservatives, not Hillary and her henchmen who are all over the Internet and could be fought daily on tens if not hundreds of thousands of websites. Instead, they choose to come here and fight Conservatives. Tells me exactly who they are.

  11. Artfuldgr says:

    there are only two choices…
    Which means against trump DOES mean FOR hillary

    A binary decision is a choice between two alternatives, for instance between taking some specific action or not taking it

    Truth values in mathematical logic, and the corresponding Boolean data type in computer science, representing a value which may be chosen to be either true or false

    the semantic principle (or law) of bivalence states that every declarative sentence expressing a proposition (of a theory under inspection) has exactly one truth value, either true or false. A logic satisfying this principle is called a two-valued logic or bivalent logic

    In order to justify his claim that true and false are the only logical
    values, Suszko (1977) observes that every structural Tarskian
    many-valued propositional logic can be provided with a bivalent

    Imagine P refers to the statement “Hillary Clinton will be president in two days.”

    Either it is true that Hillary will be president, or it is false that hillary will be present.

    P and NOT P

    One of the early motivations for the study of many-valued logics has
    been precisely this issue. In the early 20th century, the Polish formal
    logician Jan Łukasiewicz proposed three truth-values: the true, the false and the as-yet-undetermined. This approach was later developed by Arend Heyting and L. E. J. Brouwer; see Łukasiewicz logic.

    The ℵ0-valued version was published in 1930 by Łukasiewicz and Alfred Tarski; consequently it is sometimes called the Łukasiewicz-Tarski logic. It belongs to the classes of t-norm fuzzy logics and substructural logics.

    it recognizes that if there is a nuclear war, then never trumpers are right, its not a binary choice!!!!!!!! but short of that, they are SOOL, sh*t out of luck // unless there is a tie, but note, if there is a tie, then the never trumpers managed to create it… ie. one vote would topple the trinary logic back to binary… and as pointed out, all trinary logic can be represented by binary logic of multiple steps.


    on the other side of it is this:

    A theme here over the years has been the fact that the Conservative Movement has managed to conserve nothing. The reason they are in a crisis is the same reason a losing ball coach finds himself in jeopardy. People will tolerate only so much losing. A salesman, who cannot close deals, gets fired, even if he is the nicest guy in the world. What’s happening today is Official Conservatism™ is being fired.

    You can learn a great deal about someone by looking at who he hates. The same is true of groups of people. Yankee fans, for example, are
    indifferent to Mets fans, but they detest Red Sox fans. The reason for
    that is the Mets are always terrible and pose no threat to the wellbeing
    of Yankee fans. The Red Sox, on the other hand, are almost always a

    this would tend to reveal that the Nevertrumpers are the RINO class of elitist Republicans, the ones who managed to always make sure the Dems win!!! otherwise, they have no reason to hate Trump other than their fantasies of Dem points that are mostly not true and what is true is kind of irrelevant, like a billionaire claiming that women let billionaires do things that joe the beggar in tatters cant…

    Take a look at this column from Mona Charen the other day.

    If she wins (a bigger “if” today than a week ago), it will be due only to the Republican Party’s suicidal decision to nominate and support a pathological narcissist/con man — a figure utterly outside the parameters of acceptability for public office. Any public office. So as culpable as Democrats are for nominating a person who ought to have been disqualified, Republicans are even more irresponsible for risking the terrible powers of commander in chief to someone most elementary school kids would regard as emotionally unstable.

    May someone explain what representative government they are talking about if the people are the arbiters of everything, then being a classical constitutionalist would mean to accept who the people want, not who the people want if they vote the way we want them to… come hell or high water, all nevertrumpers are doing is complaining they dont get to have their own despotism win rather than the lefts despotism…

    neither never trumpers or hilllary accept representative government!!!

    here is what the other author says about that paragrpah i just commented on

    Just look at the language used here. If she were describing Hitler,
    would she use a different tone? More important, is it anything like the
    tone and language used to describe Clinton? Clearly not and that’s the
    tell. These are people driven purely by hatred of Trump and by extension
    those who support him. Hillary Clinton could probably promise to revive
    the Holocaust and Charen would support her, simply because she hates

    The question is why do they hate Trump and his voters so intensely?

    yes, that would be the question…

    a big part of it is purely personal. No one likes to see their
    mistakes and failures made public. The people at the core of NeverTrump
    are the same people who sold us neo-conservatism in the Bush years. What is happening now is a delayed reaction to the massive failures under George W. Bush. Trump made his mark in the primary by humiliating Jeb Bush and that was not an accident. Trump is the repudiation of Bush and the neo-cons.

    There’s another bit here too. The Official Right™ has defined itself to the Left by who it hates. Purging people from their ranks has been an integral part of how modern conservatives define their thing. Naturally, when challenged, they fall back on the old ways. The trouble is all their name calling and threats have been met with jeers and laughter. They lost all of their moral authority so they can no longer simply scold the dissenters into silence.

    Finally, there’s the creeping realization that their brand of conservatism is all hat and no cattle. Their moral preening and appeals to as yet undefined principles are just postures. In the end, their thing was just a jobs program for people unable to do productive work. As one of the moonbats at the post points out, it is a movement with no base. No matter what happens Tuesday, the pro-Trump people will never forget these traitors or welcome them back.

    After liberation, French women guilty of “collaboration horizontale” were dragged into the street to have their heads shaved. It was punishment for betrayal of their people. The Dutch did the same, but they also sent their collaborators to work camps in New Guinea. Many were simply shot, of course. Immediately after the liberation, almost 200.000 Dutch citizens were interned in camps and prisons and put on trial. Sadly, this is not what awaits the traitors of NeverTrump, but at some level they know they will never be “us” again.

    The problem with the never trumpers is that they are impotent yet think that means important…

  12. 762x51 says:

    Careful, the Trumpanzees hate Beck. They hate anyone who refuses to bow to their cult, but Beck has been very vocal about it and so must be destroyed as Progressives always do. Anyone who does not hate Beck must also be destroyed as well. It is the Progressive way.

  13. Artfuldgr says:

    keep calling them progressives when they are not and then see where this leads for any concept of constitutional conservativism…

    you catch more flys with honey, and all you guys have is piss and vinegar… you aint important, your impotent… and THATS what has your knckers in a twist…

    that no matter how much you insult your own base they are not coming any closer to listen to someone that respects the people they need to be with them to win, so litte…

    in case you didnt know, you have to WIN before you get to make policy, or change anything… and you guys are perineal losers

    McCain? Romney? take a look at this and tell us republican voters how often since 1937 have you actually put up a candidate to win!!!–Control_of_the_U.S._House_of_Representatives_-_Control_of_the_U.S._Senate.png/850px-Combined–Control_of_the_U.S._House_of_Representatives_-_Control_of_the_U.S._Senate.png

    see the sea of blue you delieverd to us all our lives?
    THATS why no one wants to listen to you…

    from 1957 to 1982, 26 years of losing the senate
    from 1957 to 1997, 40 years of losing the house

    if your child needed an operation, woud you side with the person that had that many loses on the table?

  14. jeffunde says:

    I never understood this immediate jump on the bandwagon of NeverTrump. Like what you said, IMO their egos got in the way of rational thinking. I understand they don’t like Trump, but they could of handled better than that.

  15. Artfuldgr says:
    Translation: “How come this person is able to stand up?”, “Close the border!”

  16. 762x51 says:

    LMAO, I love it when you guys try logic, the results are generally hilarious, and this time is no exception.

    “A binary decision is a choice between two alternatives, for instance between taking some specific action or not taking it”

    A “binary decision” requires two DIFFERENT choices. In this case the “choice” is between a NY Progressive and a NY Progressive. Since the TWO are actually ONE and the SAME, there is no alternative choice to be made therefore your “logic” proceeds from a false assumption.

    In Boolean terms 1 AND 1 = 1

    Notice the AND operation which is predicated by the FACT that there is no real difference between tRump and Clinton which precludes an OR operation.

    However, your fallacy in tRumps case by not recognizing him to be the equivalent of Hillary Clinton in real terms, flips one of the truths to false or 1 to 0, so:

    1 AND 0 = 0

    You can lie to yourself all you want about tRump’s Progressive ideology, it does not change reality.

    Keep trying, my laugh meter is hitting about a 5.5 right now, you can do better, LMAO!!

  17. Artfuldgr says:

    Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe has granted voting rights to as many as
    60,000 convicted felons just in time for them to register to vote,
    nearly five times more than previously reported and enough to win the
    state for his long-time friend, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.
    McAuliffe sought to allow all of Virginia’s estimated 200,000 felons to
    vote, but state courts said each individual felon’s circumstances must
    be weighed. To get around that, McAuliffe used a mechanical autopen to
    rapidly sign thousands of letters, as if he had personally reviewed them

    and nevertrumpers dont feel they have to oppose that by neutering the votes with their own… cause not voting, means nothing… right?

  18. Gemini_Jimmi says:

    If you think that McConnell, Ryan and Boehner were disappointments to conservatives, then be advised that Medved was an apologist for them all and the rest of the establishment republicans. I won’t say he’s not conservative, because on social issues he is quite conservative. However, when it comes to the management of government, he’s in with the McConnell, Ryan and Boehner types.

  19. 762x51 says:

    ROTFLMFAO!!! “you catch more flys with honey, and all you guys have is piss and vinegar..” After all the BS you chimps have flung around here all these months you come up with that? Duplicity has become a way of life for you.

    McCain and Romney, two PROGRESSIVE GOP candidates who lost because we don’t want PROGRESSIVES. Your boy tRump makes both of them look like Barry Goldwater so we don’t want him either.

    You have two alternatives, be what you cliam and support actual conservative candidates or go join the Democrat Party if you insist on voting for a Progressive.

  20. TrojanMan says:

    If Trump wins we will hear the never ending crow from the cultists. If he loses we will hear the never ending blame from the cultists.

    They never realizing that no matter who wins We the People lose.

  21. CTsOpinion says:

    The honest or should I say the real question is what will be the effect on Hannity and Gallagher’s ratings after a major Trump collapse on Tuesday?

  22. TheChaoticStorm says:

    If there was a point in that wall of text, I think you missed it.

  23. The Trumpening says:

    Nutless cuck loser. Keep your diapers handy tomorrow night.

  24. 762x51 says:

    True, though it is unlikely he will win as Hillary is back up over 3 points. If he does win, we both know he is a big government Progressive, and I look forward to denigrating, castigating and eviscerating them daily for every Progressive action he takes. They will then have exactly two choices, back the Progressive ideology to the hilt or admit they were wrong.

    If he loses, THEY are to blame, not us. Their lies have no more meaning in defeat than they do in the running. His defeat means even more feces that can be ladled upon them, and so it goes.

    That will continue until the shooting starts,a time which can be measured in at most months, if not weeks.

  25. Luna Mora says:

    In about thirty hours the Clintons will be on their way to retirement and after thirty years they will finally be out of our hair !

  26. Occam's Stubble says:

    If he loses, I’m going to remind them of their tender, loving treatises enjoining us to vote with them. Nothing like being called a globalist cuck to get people on board.

  27. Luna Mora says:

    That photograph says it all .
    That is the reason why no one wants anymore Bushes , Clintons and on .

  28. Artfuldgr says:

    after a while, i realized that no one was punishing medved… its just that there are so few nevertrumpers there isnt enough to support him or the advertising!!!

    they did not take him off the air because he hates trump
    they took him off the air because leftists wont listen, and there arent enough left in his own party to listen to him to pay for the employees, buildings, insurance, etc

    on another note

    An anti-Trump ad that falsely substitutes the word “Jews” for “Muslims” in an anti-immigrant speech by the presidential candidate is running in the swing state of Florida.

    A similar ad running in Utah substitutes “Mormons” for Muslims.

  29. Artfuldgr says:

    just because you make them equivalent doesnt actually mean they are equivalent, it just means you set yourself up as judge and jury and arbiter, and fancy that, got the answer you wanted.

    here is a clue, even if they are all the same politically, one has a penis, one does not, which makes them different in some way, and so a binary choice…

    one is a capitalist, the other a communist, which makes them different

    one is tall, the other is shorter, which makes them different

    one spends your money, the other spends their own, which makes them different

    by the way, i work in research computing.. we have a super computer that i sometimes work on called [censored], and myjob is to write software for medical research and sometimes i consult for wallstreet..

    ie. i am a professional logician with 40 years programming expedrience that goes back to the 1970s, and the first ibm system 370 computers.

    you dont get to move the goal post and declare a win
    you also dont get to claim you know the answers between two candidates you never actually met (i met the clintons at several parties i coved when a photographer on the side, and met trump 3 times… duh… ]

    i dont have to lie about the people i know
    you have to lie about those you never met.

  30. TrojanMan says:

    If he loses then it will have been single-handedly YOUR fault. What will they do about it… nothing just whine

  31. TED says:


  32. Artfuldgr says:

    If you thought it was real, she punked you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    On Friday, a lawsuit filed against Donald Trump by ‘Katie Johnson’ was dramatically dropped Speculation that the suit was dropped because of threats or a pay-off by Trump went viral

    But has learned that the claims against Trump were fiction

    ‘Katie Johnson’s’ shocking allegations first emerged in a lawsuit filed in California in April She claimed she was lured to a sex party by pedophile Jeffrey Epstein where she was forced into rough role-play sex with presidential candidate

    On Wednesday Johnson suddenly cancelled a press conference at which she was set to reveal herself for the first time

    Before that, she told her story to

    Clinton supporters had seized on the story as a possible knock out blow

    The woman who alleged that Donald Trump raped her at age 13 at one of billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s notorious ‘sex parties’ fabricated the
    story, has learned exclusively.

    When the civil suit was initially filed last April, Trump’s legal team branded the allegations ‘disgusting at the highest level’ and a ‘hoax’ clearly framed to ‘solicit media attention or, perhaps… simply politically motivated’.

    Clinton supporters had seized on the story as a possible knock out blow.

    Then, last Wednesday, Johnson suddenly cancelled a packed press conference at which she was set to reveal herself for the first time, saying she was
    ‘too afraid’ following a series of ‘threats’ against her.

    On Friday, six months after legal papers were filed, the civil lawsuit was dramatically dropped.

    She Punked all the nevertrumpers, and the press, and and and…

  33. TED says:
    COULD IT BE??!!!!

  34. Ed. G. Mann says:

    He made his point with much clarity.

  35. J.j. Cintia says:

    I think now we can all see that Lincoln’s Party is shot. Have you seen “conservative”? I’ve never seen it. There ain’t no such animal. These clods were all behind Wacko Bird McCain who wanted to defend Afghanistan for a Hundred Years and leave our borders open, and Mitty was a vulture capitalist that bought and cut up companies to sell off their assets and kill American jobs, but these morons had no problems with that either.
    These “conservatives” are just Brand X Communism. All their fake rhetoric is meaningless. Where the rubber meets the road, they’re just flat out globalist traitors, not much different from Granny Witch and her Satanic Coven. When you see the Bush Clan planning to vote for this corrupt crooked harridan, after the preferred “conservative” candidate Little Jebbie lost every state by blowing 100 Million in the Primaries just to admire Mexicans and badmouth Americans, I think we can all see the scam clearly now.
    Trump cares about America. He’s a real patriot. Apparently “conservatives” cannot support anyone who really loves America. Its not Trump who’s a bad Whig.

  36. Belfast says:

    Never mind boys, if Trump wins you can always come here and circle grope with Dave.

  37. TrojanMan says:

    ^^^^ Trump cultist exemplified. ^^^^

  38. Johnny Monday says:

    Trump destroys everything he comes into contact with. Thank goodness he’ll be off the scene after his humiliation tomorrow.

  39. man_wolf says:

    Yeah, but she was a 27 year old intern then working on the Democrats investigation into Watergate & was fired by her own boss who is a lifetime Democrat for lying & unethical behavior.
    Doesn’t look like much about how she conducts herself has changed since then.

  40. a French Chef says:

    It was killed long before DJT earned the nomination. Look to the Bushes, look to nonexistent congressional leadership, look to K street……. The EstGOP sold out conservative voters LONG before Trump was on his roll.

  41. a French Chef says:

    Stop insulting President Nixon.
    President Nixon now more than ever. Seriously.

  42. The Bad Captain Madly says:

    That’s okay. After the election the conservatives can continue doing exactly what they’ve been doing for the last 30 years – clutching their balls and bellowing in rage, pain and humiliation. It’s the only thing you can rely on them to consistently do. Dave is just continuing in the grand conservative tradition. Maybe one day we’ll have a rightest movement that’s actually capable of doing something besides perpetually grousing about how shitty everything is, but the conservative movement sure ain’t it.

  43. Bodhisattva says:

    I have no problem with reasonable criticism of Trump, but I do expect better than I’ve seen here sometimes.

    YES, Trump has made sounds he’s for bigger, more intrusive government.

    YES, Trump has cozied up to liberals.

    But despite everything, he’s still a better bet than Hillary.

    At least, in my opinion.

  44. Vote Third Party says:

    You’re just guessing without presenting his listenership numbers.

  45. TrojanMan says:

    Respectfully “reasonable” is relative. What you consider “unreasonable” may be perfectly “reasonable” to others and visa versa.

    “But despite everything, he’s still a better bet than Hillary.” You are more then entitled to that opinion… However some do not share that sentiment, and i am one of those.

  46. TrojanMan says:

    Try for just over 100… since Wilson

  47. Peggy Peggysc57 says:

    Let me tell you something, when my guy dropped out I realized that diddling donnie was going to be the ‘r’ on the ticket. I cannot stand him. But, hitlary. So, I decided to try to get to a point of being able to hold my nose and vote for the turd throwing chimpanzee. I started going to pro-rump sites to see if there were something about him that I’d missed and could support. Any time I’d ask an honest question, I was attacked. And I mean called some of the most vile names I’ve ever heard. And then the chump himself started. He announced loudly, and quite proudly, he didn’t need or not my vote. Good. He’s not getting it. I will be voting 3rd party. OH, and BTW, my question to trumpeteers was, what is one policy that Don the con is conservative on? That’s it. No one would, or could, answer me. So, plz, chump supporters, do not try to tell me or any other never rump the anything is our fault. If he loses, it’s on him. Period. The candidate is supposed to earn out vote. He hasn’t.

  48. J.j. Cintia says:

    Yeah I hope you’re paid shills. Anyone who believes it will ever be business as usual again if the Lying Press anoints Hillary, you’re out of touch with reality. This democracy thing is over. The only way that crazy criminal witch could win is by fraud. No one in her own party believes she won her primary. No way could she win a National Election. The rotten apple cart where the fake opposition just can’t get the votes to do what Americans want is so over. We don’t believe you. None of these clowns even tried to repeal Obamacare. That lameass excuse of how it would be vetoed was just sad. What is it about this representative government model don’t you understand? We will not be ruled by deluded idiots.

  49. TrojanMan says:

    “This democracy thing is over” It never began. We are (were) a constitutional republic.

  50. Dallas El Cazador says:

    NOT a Con-Con. Get it right. Its an Amendment Convention, from Article V of the Constitution.

  51. J.j. Cintia says:

    Yeah this constitution fetish is getting laughable. These words on paper are meaningless if no one cares. Hillary just went on a long rant of how “unfair” The Founders were because they weren’t “inclusive” of blacks and women. Apparently you need a few blacks and women there to give freedom legitimacy? I can understand why they burned witches. The Whore of Babylon will not stand here.

  52. TrojanMan says:

    “Yeah this constitution fetish is getting laughable.” What??? And you claim others are democrat shills? I think you are on the wrong site. MSNBC, dailykos, et al would probably be more up your alley with that rhetoric.

  53. J.j. Cintia says:

    Listen sport, laws that aren’t enforced and rights that only exist for protected classes is not even close. If they follow the US Constitution that’s good, but we all know they won’t. They say its an “outdated document written by racists”. Yeah, thems fighting words.

  54. 762x51 says:

    How true, but they were taking their cues from their cult leader. He’s big on that kind of crap, think she can intimidate everyone and Trumpanzees are all cowards, I proved that here over and over. That’s why they gravitated to a “strong man”, who, of course, doesn’t do his own dirty work, or as we call it, “wet work”.

    tRump is a beta male’s vision of what an alpha male is like, LMAO!!

  55. 762x51 says:

    Seriously Dave, I can handle these vermin. I’m not a whining Progressive that needs protection like they are.

  56. JoeK says:

    Michael medved is a whiney little liEberal d!ck. I hated him even before Don J.Trump’s rise!! He pisses me off everytime I listen to him! No wonder they put him on at midnight!! Well, bya!!

  57. Noovuss les déplorables says:

    Mike is an open border dickhead, suffer the fate.
    Maybe he can restart his career in a sanctuary city?

  58. […] …Moonbattery: Michael Medved pays the price for not boarding the Trump Train […]

  59. TheBull says:

    So funny reading these articles now and the comments after the election. Medved is John McCain’s mouthpiece on the radio, always has been since Don Imus crashed and burned and McCain couldn’t use him any more. Medved supported Bohner and Eric Cantor, lauded Chris Christie when he won reelection, and hated-on Ted Cruz when he closed down the government. I just wish we didn’t have to hear him in NY between 3pm-5pm everyday, he is SO condescending. -Aug.2017

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