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Apr 05 2020

Michael Strickland, Political Prisoner

Fundamental to American society is the concept of equality before the law. To see what the country would be like without it, look to liberal Portland, where all the animals are equal, but the animals comprising Antifa are a lot more equal than a countermoonbat like Michael Strickland.

Strickland is known for his YouTube channel LaughingAtLiberals. He used to run the excellent blog Progressives Today. Like Andy Ngo, he has incurred the wrath of Antifa thugs in Portland by informing the public of their escalating violence. If this story gets the attention it deserves, Strickland will become famous as the victim of an outrageous miscarriage of justice on behalf of radical leftism:

[I]n July 2016, at a Black Lives Matter – Don’t Shoot Portland public rally and protest, a mob of antifa … members surrounded him, roughed him up, and then told him, “You need to get the f**k out of here!” Even though Strickland backed away from the thugs in the larger protest, he continued to shoot video. As he was leaving, the mob of masked antifa thugs ran toward Strickland and tried to surround him. This time he pulled his [fully licensed] pistol to back them off. No shots were ever fired; Strickland’s finger never came close to the trigger. His gambit worked, however. They backed off and Strickland got away from the mob, eventually being arrested by the cops. …

Charges against him grew from misdemeanors to 21 counts, ten of which were felonies, within hours of Portland politicos getting an earful from one of Strickland’s favorite targets, an anti-Second Amendment group called “Ceasefire Oregon.”

They actually threw him in jail.

Though he could have gone to state prison for decades, in the end, Strickland did 40 days in jail. But he was put on five years’ probation, his Second Amendment rights were stripped and he was ordered to surrender some of his First Amendment rights by being forbidden from practicing journalism and recording Portland’s leftist protesters. The mob, courts, and allies had silenced him.

Attorney Robert Barnes considers the implications:

[R]ight now if you’re in the black bloc what do you think? I can harass somebody and get them arrested if they try to defend themselves.

And then they want people not to defend themselves so that they feel terrified, so that the[y] feel scared, so that they feel frightened, so that their behavior can be publicly and privately coerced. And that’s the danger. And that’s why this case is bigger than one person.

This undermines the First Amendment as much as the Second.

Strickland is still fighting — and losing — in Oregon’s leftist-dominated courts:

The Oregon Appeals Court ruled Wednesday that the lower court ruling convicting Strickland stands.

We are only free to the extent that liberals have not yet achieved their objectives. If progressives keep progressing, the whole country will become Portland, and continue to worsen from there.

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