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Jan 10 2018

Michael Wolff Smells Ratlike as He Peddles His Book

Even the liberal establishment media seems to smell a rat when Michael Wolff comes on the set. In the following video, Norah O’Donnell extracts a confession that he never spoke with a cabinet member for his hatchet job Fire and Fury, despite quoting them in the book and asserting that every single one of them consider Trump “incapable of functioning in his job”:

But maybe the future will remember Wolff as a journalistic pioneer. In the next video, he introduces a cutting edge new standard for establishing truth that builds on Dan Rather’s “fake but accurate” approach. Wolff concludes the clip by proclaiming that he does not have to release tapes to prove his book is not fiction, because “if it rings true, it is true.”

If we treat mendacious smear jobs by low-caliber hacks as fact, politics will continue to veer ever further into the realm of confirmation bias, leaving objective reality far behind.

On tips from TCS III and Bodhisattva.

10 Responses to “Michael Wolff Smells Ratlike as He Peddles His Book”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Truman Capote’s Mini Me?

  2. octa bright says:

    I am currently in a master program for history. If I would turn in a piece of sh1te like that I would fail the paper, probably flunk the course, and possibly be booted out of the program.

  3. RKae says:

    I’m pretty sure he gets off on having fat transvestites spank him with a toilet brush.

    That just “rings true.”

  4. KHarn says:

    Sounds like a good school.

  5. KHarn says:

    I’m certain that president Trump’s past isn’t squeaky clean, but making up something (Or reporting some unverified incident) just makes him sympathetic.

    Is that what you want, Wolff? IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT?

  6. Franklyfrank says:

    Thank heavens the law doesn’t function on this flawed “logic”.

  7. Swordie says:

    The night is young.

  8. octa bright says:

    It’s Millersville State College in southcentral PA.
    (plug) ;=)

  9. Jack Bauer says:

    Starting with the next edition, in the Merriam Webster dictionary, when you look up the word “weasel” there will be a line-art drawing of this insipid creep’s face, next to the definition.

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