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May 22 2020

Michigan Lockdown: Barbara Shop No, Sex Club Yes

When a government exceeds its proper limitations, you can easily tell what kind of people those running it favor. This has never been truer than in Michigan under Wuhan coronavirus lockdown.

The Whitmer Administration has waged a war (which she is fortunately losing) to shut down Karl Manke, a patriot who just wants to be left alone to make a living. Too bad Manke didn’t open a gay nightclub like Club Tabu instead of a barber shop; Gauleiter Gretchen would have left him alone.

Megan Fox writes:

[A] gay swinger’s club with “glory holes” is being allowed to operate under her nose in Lansing while she aims her business-killing death ray on 77-year-old barber Karl Manke for giving haircuts. …

I guess group sex is an “essential” activity in the Democrat-run state of Michigan.

Unlike Karl Manke’s business, Club Tabu does not appear to be taking steps to prevent the spread of disease. No one with an aversion to disease is like to frequent the establishment anyway.

If Gretchen Whitmer can send six officers to serve Karl Manke orders to shut down his business for violating her orders, but she can’t rouse herself to sent the SWAT team into a place that only exists for group sex, I think it’s clear that none of these orders are about public health or the transfer of disease. Where are you more likely to get a disease? At a barbershop or in a sex dungeon?

Let’s not single out Whitmer. Here’s what the Holy Oracle Dr Fauci himself says about hooking up with strangers on apps like Tinder, Bumble, or Grindr during the repressive lockdown he personifies:

“If you’re willing to take a risk — and you know, everybody has their own tolerance for risks — you could figure out if you want to meet somebody.”

Fauci then confirmed that he knows the apps are not so much about meeting people as having anonymous sex with them:

“If you want to go a little bit more intimate, well, then that’s your choice regarding a risk.”

Just don’t do anything reckless and “selfish” like cut people’s hair, or you will face government wrath like Manke and Lindsey Graham.

Michigan voters must be okay with all this, or they wouldn’t tolerate someone like Dana Nessel as their Attorney General:

Nessel has petulantly and childishly announced that the President of the United States is not welcome in the state of Michigan. She is threatening to bring charges against Ford for letting Trump tour a plant without wearing a mask.

Then again, maybe Michigan voters have had enough of the blend of arrogance, arbitrary tyranny, and degeneracy offered by Whitmer et al. We’ll know in November.

On tips from Frances J, R F, Jack Bauer, and Varla. Hat tip: 100% Fed Up.

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