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Dec 03 2018

Migrant Caravan Brought Filth and Sickness to Tijuana

To see what the migrant caravan would bring to America if Democrats and the media get their way and the floodgates are opened wide, look at what it has brought to Tijuana:

Fox News journalist Kyle Rothenberg captured video from areas where migrants have stayed in Tijuana which show mountains of garbage and filth.

You probably don’t want your town to look like this:

Who needs plumbing when water bottles make such good urinals?

Where you have Third World conditions, you have disease. Coughing and spitting help spread it:

Diseases borne by the migrant horde include tuberculosis and AIDS.

No wonder they want into America so bad. Once they make it to an American emergency room, they get the best healthcare in the world gratis, compliments of us.

It is also no wonder that 73% of Mexicans have a negative view of the invaders. They sure must wish this army had been stopped at Mexico’s southern border rather than its northern one.

One Response to “Migrant Caravan Brought Filth and Sickness to Tijuana”

  1. […] because that’s where an army from Central America has amassed at the border, festering in filth and disease, demanding money, and in some cases sneaking across into San Diego […]

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