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Jul 16 2020

Mike Adams on Speaking Truth in the Face of Cancel Culture

Until he was finally forced out of University of North Carolina Wilmington, Mike Adams was the exception that proves the rule — a conservative college professor. The heat he took for transitioning from a moonbat to a countermoonbat was extraordinary but worth it. Once your eyes have been opened, choosing evil over good is not an option. In an interview at Frontpage Magazine, he describes the lifting of the scales from his eyes and offers insight on the topic of leftist cancel culture, with which he has extensive experience.

He was asked,

What do you recommend as the most effective strategy for asserting truth, in a culture in which leftists have weaponized their purported sensitivity to silence and marginalize ideological opponents like you?

His answer:

I have only one thing to say about this issue — and it is incredibly simple: the cancel culture, which is indeed weaponizing purported sensitivity in order to silence and marginalize (and destroy) ideological opponents, is the fault of conservatives, not progressives. Please allow me to explain.

There is a silent majority in this country — and they absolutely despise the tactics of these progressive “cancellers.” This majority also finds their progressive views to be deeply disturbing. Yet they refuse to speak up because they don’t realize they are the majority. If they do not speak up — as I have been speaking up for so many years — then we will no longer have a country to pass on to our children. The progressives will cancel the entire nation. So the most effective strategy for asserting truth is to simply assert the truth.

Leftists use their control of major institutions like the schools and the media to fabricate an illusion of consensus. But they will never have a consensus so long as you know they are wrong.

Cowardice is contagious. But so is courage.

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