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May 02 2016

Mike Pence Gathers His Courage, Appears in Ted Cruz Ad

Indiana Governor Mike Pence’s heart is in the right place; he just has a condition that is unfortunately commonplace among Republicans: a gelatinous spine. This was on display a year ago, when he knuckled under to militant extremists on the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, and again recently when he rode the fence until the last moment on whether he wants the GOP to go back to its conservative, limited government roots or plunge headlong in the opposite direction. When it comes to endorsing Ted Cruz, he did the right thing in the end:

Via Right Scoop, on a tip from Torcer.

12 Responses to “Mike Pence Gathers His Courage, Appears in Ted Cruz Ad”

  1. Torcer says:

    Donald Trump Is Not Prepared for the General Election via @FortuneMagazine

    Donald Trump Is Not Prepared for the General Election
    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Republican presidential nomination may be in his sights, yet Donald Trump has so far ignored vital preparations needed for a quick and effective transition to the general election.

    The New York businessman has collected little information about tens of millions of voters he needs to turn out in the fall. He’s sent few people to battleground states compared with likely Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, accumulated little if any research on her, and taken no steps to build a network capable of raising the roughly $1 billion needed to run a modern-day general election campaign.

    Trump’s early campaign efforts, fueled so far by the sheer force of his personality and free media coverage, leave him with little choice but to rely on his party’s establishment allies — the Republican National Committee, above all — as the scale and scope of the 2016 contest grow exponentially. That’s even as he rails against his party’s establishment daily as corrupt.

    “He may be able to get by on bluster and personality during the primaries, but the general election is a whole different ballgame,” said Ryan Williams, a veteran of Mitt Romney’s presidential campaigns. “They’re essentially starting from zero heading into the general election.”

    Trump’s late start marks a sharp break from past Republican campaigns and that of Clinton, who is already beginning to shift resources to the November election. The Republican front-runner’s organizational disadvantage marks another warning sign for GOP officials who already feared he was unelectable this fall — even if he were well-prepared.

  2. Torcer says:

    Trump just "saying what people want to hear." That's what people with no principles say.

  3. Hanzo says:

    I believe Trump’s negativity and name calling has finally gotten to Pence. I’ve lost a great deal of respect for him though.

  4. laid off worker says:

    trump wins indiana cruz go back to the tranny whorehouse!

  5. Hello….anybody here anymore? Sorry if I woke anyone up.

  6. Hanzo says:

    If he goes to a tranny whorehouse I’m sure the 1st two people he’ll see will be your parents, and you tagging behind, with your “partner”. Hyuk hyuk.

  7. 762x51 says:

    Pence – too little, too late.

  8. 762x51 says:

    So tRump is going to be the nominee and Klinton will be the Marxist nominee. The media will then turn on tRump and do what it has consistently done for the last 5 or 6 election cycles which is the fully support and endorse the Democrat Party in every way possible by destroying the Republican candidate in any way possible.

    As flawed a candidate is tRump is, that should take about 12 minutes.

  9. CTsOpinion says:

    I came here to post exactly that plus limp dick Pence will no doubt come out in support for the ASSCLOWN Trump before morning.

  10. 762x51 says:

    No doubt, probably won’t even stop to change his shirt first.

    The GOPee big money hit Indiana hard to defeat Cruz, who is their real enemy. They know that “the donald” can be bought, corruption is his primary business model, it’s just going to cost more, guess who will pay that amount.

    The Trumpanzees will be howling at the moon now. They have no idea the level of ridicule I intend to unleash on them as their boy begins to show his real stripes and Progressive ideology. Old Alinsky “RULE 5: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” There is no defense. It’s irrational. It’s infuriating. It also works as a key pressure point to force the enemy into concessions.” is about to go into overdrive. Time to expose these Marxist fucks for who they really are.

  11. Torcer says:

    I keep on telling people that it’s going to be like the opening scene of the movie Gladiator “At My Signal, Unleash Hell”

    Gladiator- Opening Scene.avi

    And no amount of support from Fox Trump news will help..

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