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May 02 2018

Miley Cyrus Rescinds Apology for Posing for Sleazy Picture at Age 15

Kathy Griffin isn’t the only moonbat to be forced to apologize for shameful behavior but to rescind the apology after the controversy had cooled down. Former Disney child star Miley Cyrus, having established herself as the personification of the entertainment industry’s sexual corruption, wants us to know that she isn’t really sorry about posing for the odious Vanity Fair in what was essentially kiddy porn when she was 15 years old.

Not only is Miss Cyrus not ashamed of encouraging people to see 15-year-olds as sex objects, she says you should be ashamed if you don’t approve.

“It was everyone else’s poisonous thoughts and minds that ended up turning this into something it wasn’t supposed to be. So actually I shouldn’t be ashamed. They should be.”

She’s forgetting that we can still refer to the obviously sexually suggestive picture.

On the positive side, she says she has been abstaining from the marijuana that has had an evident effect on her cognitive development. However, she still endorses smoking it.

Cyrus added that she thinks weed is “the most magical, amazing” thing and called it “my first and true love.”

Cue up “Sweet Leaf” by Black Sabbath. She ought to do a cover.

“It’s just not for me at this time in my life,” she continued. “But I’m sure there will be a day that I will happily indulge.”

During this discussion, Miss Cyrus referred to her position as a prominent role model for young American girls.

In the olden days, kids had role models who didn’t come across like obnoxious degenerate skanks. But progressives have managed to inflict a great deal of progress since the days of Judy Garland. We aren’t in Kansas anymore.

Hollywood is a cesspool.

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