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Aug 16 2019

Milking Cows Equated With Sexual Abuse

The lunacy is never sated; the more it feeds on itself, the more ravenous it becomes. Now academia tells us that acquiring food by milking cows is literally the equivalent of sexual abuse:

Titled “Readying the Rape Rack: Feminism and the Exploitation of Non-Human Reproductive Systems,” the paper was published Friday in a journal called Dissenting Voices, which is published and edited by the Women’s and Gender Studies program at the College at Brockport State University of New York.

The published piece aims at discussing the “sexual exploitation of non-human bodies, specifically dairy cows.”

It will not be legal to sexually exploit cows by milking them when utopia has been achieved.

According to the publication, “the dairy industry is a host for sex-based discrimination,” and a “site where sexual assault and objectification based on biological makeup are highly prevalent but ignored as we choose to neglect non- humans with whom we share a planet.”

According to leftists, there is no meaningful difference between a cow and a human being. When PETA’s Ingrid Newkirk proclaimed that “A rat is a pig is a dog is a boy,” she could have added, “is a cow.”

If it ever occurs to academics and animal rights militants that cows would hardly exist if we did not raise them for food, they will probably call for the welfare state to be expanded to finance cow preserves.

The paper argues that “in order to fully fight gendered oppression,” society must also address the plight of dairy cows, which it asserts are “still subjects to sex-based discrimination and violence,” despite their voices being “not always lifted or comprehensible.”

It isn’t easy to comprehend the voices of cows. Those guilty of clinging to an anthropocentric orientation may even believe that “Moo” doesn’t really mean anything in particular.

[A]uthor Mackenzie April, an intern for Brockport’s Women’s Studies Department, … hopes the publication will inspire feminists and other “social justice”-minded individuals to “incorporate non-human bodies into their own feminist perspectives.”

The #MooToo movement is born.

To a potentially disastrous extent, feminists have prevented us from reproducing. Now let’s see if they can prevent us from eating.

On a tip from Jester.

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