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Mar 08 2017

Millennial Moonbattery as a Psychiatric Disorder

Ewan Morrison wrote a fascinating piece analyzing the unhinged moonbattery of the millennial generation, so prevalent these days on college campuses, from the psychiatric point of view:

If you were to come across someone who cried in the streets, who saw the world in terms of black and white and made death threats against strangers, who cowered in a special room and made public displays of naked self-harm and blood letting, you might conclude that they were suffering from a personality disorder.

All these symptoms can be found in the High Conflict Personality Disorder category known as Axis II in DSMV, including Anti-Social PD, Histrionic PD, Paranoid PD, Narcissistic PD, and Borderline PD.

They can also be found in millennial moonbats, whose psychiatric well-being is conspicuously precarious.

A 2016 UK survey found that, since 1990, rates of depression and anxiety among the young have increased by 70%, while the American Counseling Association has reported a “rising tide of personality disorders among millennials.” …

In 2014, a survey of 100,000 college students at 53 U.S. campuses by the American College Health Association found that 84% of U.S. students feel unable to cope, while more than half experience overwhelming anxiety.

A byproduct of such fear has been the growth of the “safe space,” a safe-haven for minority groups and distressed students from what they perceive as threats within campus life. Safe spaces contain comforting objects that evoke childhood — bean bags, soothing music, Play-Doh, coloring books. The spaces often forbid entry to straight white men or political opponents.

The idea of “running to the safe space” is a form of psychological regression. The safe space presents a fantasy barrier against imagined exterior evils, and so encourages persecution paranoia and hyper-fragility. These are all symptoms of histrionic, borderline, and paranoid personality disorders that emerge from problems with the early child-parent bond.

The failure to form this bond is largely a result of both parents working, a consequence of feminism and of taxes having become so stratospheric that two incomes are required to keep a household afloat. According to the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, children in full-time daycare are three times more likely to have behavior problems than those cared for at home by their mothers.

The result is young people who, a decade and a half after daycare, scream at the parent/State for not protecting them sufficiently. It is no coincidence that “safe spaces” resemble daycare centers.

Unfortunately, “safe spaces” enforce the distressed person’s fear of the world, trapping them in their original trauma within a psychological frame of permanent and inescapable victimhood.

Read the rest; the piece is highly insightful.

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35 Responses to “Millennial Moonbattery as a Psychiatric Disorder”

  1. Saxon Warrior says:

    For once, I’m not going to criticize moonbats (though I love to do so). They are victims of the Leftist system designed by the Illuminati to create a hopeless generation that is ripe for enslavement under a New World Order.

    Boy, would I like to get my hands on the likes of the Rockefellas and Soros & Son.? These are the ones who really deserve our contempt.
    All the scheming, duplicitous Marxists who have damaged an entire generation deserve nothing less than the gallows and that’s not just Soros and his ilk but the Leftist academics, the corrupt politicians, and the corrupt journalists behind these dirty schemes.
    Give me just five minutes alone with George Soros, a pair of rusty pliers and a cattle prod. I’ll send him back to Lucifer a lot quicker than he expected!

  2. TED says:
    Liberalism in general IS a MENTAL DISORDER. SEVERAL books have been written about it, there is NO doubt about it!!!

  3. TED says:

    THE difference is the DREM world THEY live in and REALTY!!!

  4. TED says: The squirrels are trying to BURY THEM….

  5. Auburn Rapunzel says:

    Do you want to know what the Left has done to the current generation? Watch the “Mother Knows Best” song from “Tangled.”

    An entire childhood of being told that the world is full of people who hate and want to hurt you, that you’re helpless before them, and that only Mother can protect you from them–as long as you stay in your safe space–will do strange things to your head.

  6. Auburn Rapunzel says:

    “eliminate 75% of extreme poverty”

    I suppose if you move the center point of poverty out to the farthest point, it technically stops being “extreme”.

  7. MAS says:

    “The result is young people who, a decade and a half after daycare, scream at the parent/State for not protecting them sufficiently. It is no coincidence that “safe spaces” resemble daycare centers.”

    Now that’s a symptom connection I missed entirely…makes some sense now.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Explains why environments many find “liberating” now feel like having my adulthood revoked whether I want that or not…

  9. MAS says:

    “For you always have the poor with you; but you do not always have Me.” Matthew 26:11

    When your god is Marx poverty can only increase…

  10. TED says: PSYCHO and just plan STUPID!!!

  11. TED says:


  12. Wilberforce says:

    Just returned from Israel and saw exactly that. 😉

  13. 762x51 says:

    Kill’em both.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Explains most (if not all) progressive left/libtards who want Socialism.

  15. 762x51 says:

    Contempt?!? Ohhh, I think we can do better than that . . .

  16. Auburn Rapunzel says:

    Ironically, this was a Disney-princess film; given how many Tumblrinas and lefties love those things, I’m surprised they didn’t have a moment’s awareness.

    Or maybe they did, and that’s why they’re so much fonder of “Frozen”, where the queen wrecks her kingdom, blames everyone else for it, and then runs away to a magical safe space. It’s like they can identify with that or something.

  17. Auburn Rapunzel says:

    Well, these people think that the last special prosecutor to go after a president made a big to-do over nothing…

  18. […] piece mentioned earlier, linking millennial moonbattery to mental illness, may shed light on this […]

  19. Larry Geiger says:

    The high school bus pulled up and the kids got off to go home. Several of the young men were carrying rifles. I was told that they carry them everywhere they go, including school, for a period of their training.

  20. Wilberforce says:

    Yep, that’s entirely true. In fact, they’re to have their rifles with them at all times. One of the safest places I’ve ever been…

  21. Mr. Freemarket says:

    John Wayne never needed a safe space

  22. Mr. Freemarket says:

    And that is why there are few mass shootings in Israel

  23. Campion says:

    This is a true story. In 1982 I had one of those marathon philosophical conversations one has when young about why I had abandoned my previous left-lib views and become a newly minted conservative. My friend was a bit of a fence sitter but willing to hear some alternative views on the ideas we had both imbibed from our elders. In this conversation I made a number of predictions about what the future would hold. Two of them were that first, women as a group would split into those who reject feminism and that number would slowly grow as time wore on and that avowed feminists would become increasingly vitriolic and unhinged while nonetheless gaining in public power and influence. Second, I predicted that the erasure of all traditional guidelines, perspectives and frames of reference would lead to widespread low intensity madness. I deeply regret I did not put these predictions writing with a notarised date stamp so I could prove how remarkably prescient I was then. You’ll just have to take my word for it. The only thing I got wrong was that the madness is not low intensity!

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  25. TED says:

    If they want to kill themselves I’ll buy them a ticket!

  26. TED says:

    ONLY the leftist version (GACY) did.

  27. TED says:


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