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May 24 2019

Millennials Cancel Future for Fear of Global Warming

Where millennials are concerned, it looks like the global warming hoax has succeeded in a central aim — instilling the fundamental ideology of the liberal ruling class, i.e., nihilism:

Lori Rodriguez, a 27-year-old communications professional in New York City, is not saving for retirement, and it isn’t necessarily because she can’t afford to — it’s because she doesn’t expect it to matter.

Like many people her age, Rodriguez believes climate change will have catastrophic effects on our planet. Some 88% of millennials — a higher percentage than any other age group — accept that climate change is happening, and 69% say it will impact them in their lifetimes. Engulfed in a constant barrage of depressing news stories, many young people are skeptical about saving for an uncertain future.

Having spent their entire lives engulfed in a maelstrom of doomy climate propaganda is affecting the mental health of young people.

Mental-health issues affecting young adults and adolescents in the U.S. have increased significantly in the past decade, a study published in March in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology found. The number of individuals between the ages of 18 and 25 reporting symptoms of major depression increased 52% from 2005 to 2017, while older adults did not experience any increase in psychological stress at this time…

It pays to have been around the block enough times not to believe the hype. In contrast, millennials…

…suffer from “eco-anxiety,” according to a 2018 report from the American Psychological Association, with 72% saying their emotional well-being is affected by the inevitability of climate change…

At last they have found detrimental effects of climate change that are real — even if climate change as a problem in itself is not real.

Millennials really will have something to be anxious about if they don’t start planning ahead:

[T]wo-thirds of millennials — defined by Pew as the generation born between 1981 and 1996 — have nothing saved for retirement, according to the National Institute on Retirement Security.

Worse still than not preparing for the future is canceling it altogether:

Dan Sheehan, a 28-year-old writer in Los Angeles, says he has chosen not to have children or a family, a decision that has also contributed to his not saving for retirement. Some 30% of people who have chosen not to have children have done so due to climate concerns, according to a 2018 report by the New York Times.

People like Sheehan have convinced themselves that it would be “downright cruel” to let children exist because the weather may be slightly less cold when they grow up — although probably still far colder than the Roman and Medieval periods.

Deep down, even many moonbats must suspect that climate change dogma is a load of horsefeathers. Even then, it can serve as an excuse to avoid taking responsibility.

Sheehan admits that climate change was not the only factor in his decision to opt out of a 401(k); he also found that a voluntary paycheck deduction would make it hard for him to pay rent and afford the cost of living in Los Angeles.

It may be more convenient to blame global warming rather than live someplace you can afford.

A society that doesn’t believe in the future and plan for it, doesn’t have a future.

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