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Oct 24 2016

Millennials Offer Hope for SMOD’s Presidential Ambitions

The Sweet Meteor of Death may not prevail in 2016, but its future prospects look bright:

In an election cycle marked by unprecedented levels of distrust and dislike for both major-party candidates, 23 percent of millennials are just hoping it all comes to an end.

No, really. According to a recent survey conducted by the University of Massachusetts Lowell, nearly one in four voters between the ages of 18 and 35 would prefer a giant meteor striking the planet and the “extinguishing of human life” to the sight of either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump in the White House. …

The extinction-level event even won a majority of votes when matched up head-to-head against a Trump presidency, while 34 percent preferred it to Clinton.

Imagine the America of only 10 years ago accepting a choice between a shrill bumbling criminal and an obnoxious and utterly unqualified quasi-fascist vulgarian. Then trace the trajectory assuming our political system continues to decay at its current rate. Millennials will have ever more reason to support SMOD, as will the generation behind them — provided the USA is around long enough for them to vote.


On a tip from Steve A.

10 Responses to “Millennials Offer Hope for SMOD’s Presidential Ambitions”

  1. Mr. Freemarket says:

    Many people want simple answers. In fact, that is the reason for the problems we face. Trump supporters want Trump to win because he will make everything right. Hillary supporters apparently believe that electing a corrupt woman will solve the problem of hundreds of years of oppression by white men can be solved by electing a woman, despite her criminal activities, her health problems, and her aversion to telling the truth.

    Clearly the election of neither will actually solve the problems we face. We will still have to go to work in the morning, teach our children, correct the faults in our own lives. Pray for mercy.

  2. Dan Northrup says:

    I thought it was going to be a close race between Deez Nuts and Sweet Meteor of Death. SMOD just ran a better a campaign.

  3. Vic Kelley says:

    F*** it. I’ll carry on regardless of which one wins. Those Millennials should have more confidence in themselves. You can still live your life outside the reach and interference of government it just takes some hard work.

  4. marcus tullius cicero says:

    …you mean that “global warming” is not going to kill all of us?
    that’s what Al Gore said back in 2012!

  5. seaoh says:

    F+++ing millennials. If only the sweet meteor of death could selectively target Millennials and Hillary voters!

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  7. crankywhitewoman says:

    They’re strangers to hard work.

  8. Duke says:

    I find it somehow terminally ironic that it took the Israelites over 400 years to turn their backs on God and be led away into slavery. It has only taken the U.S. about half that time to voluntarily hand our freedom over to felons and orange-a-tan carny barkers that some among us see as King Saul. The choice between the lesser of two evils is still evil.

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