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Dec 12 2018

Minneapolis ID Cards Will Facilitate Being an Illegal Alien

Never in the history of humanity has a nation bent over backward so obsequiously to facilitate its own conquest. The Somali colony New Mogadishu — previously known as Minneapolis — is moving forward with a plan to provide unlawful immigrants with ID cards to make their illegal presence here more hassle-free.

The program presents a new kind of ID for Minneapolis residents who do not have the U.S. government-issued identification that is often required by banks, hospitals or landlords. Although open to any resident over 13, the program would benefit undocumented immigrants…

…which is the point. What bureaurat would lift a finger to benefit American citizens in this day and age?

There is one potential flaw:

Ward 6 Council member Abdi Warsame said while he supports the measure … he worries making the information public will lead to immigration officials targeting immigrants who enroll in the program.

Even now, immigration law is still sporadically enforced in some areas.

No worries,

Ward 2 Council member Cam Gordon said the City is working on several solutions to the data problem.

Minneapolis is not the first city to venture this far into treasonous lunacy.

Other major cities including New York, San Francisco and Detroit have already implemented similar programs.

Guess who gets to pay for the colonists’ new ID cards? That’s right, the colonized:

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey also allocated $200,000 toward the program in his proposed budget.

Think how bad things must be in France, where the public actually got angry enough to push back.

On a tip from Chris Black.

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