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May 15 2018

Minnesota Daycare Centers Serving Somali Refugees Funnel Massive Amounts of Taxpayer Money to Terrorists

Pity the poor Somali refugees! They escape the hell they have made of their own country only to arrive in America with no skills, unable to speak English, and alien to the point of unassimilability. Please shower them with money! Since you might not be sufficiently generous, the government is generous with your money on your behalf.

This is where some of that money goes:

A government whistleblower said he warned upper management at the Department of Human Services about massive daycare fraud more than a year ago.

Unfortunately, the job of bureaucrats is to spend money, not to prevent it from being flushed down the toilet — or funneled to terrorists.

Emails obtained by the Fox 9 Investigators show the Minnesota government agency was told millions of stolen tax dollars were going overseas and likely a portion of the money was being skimmed by terrorism organizations.

“Skimmed” may be an understatement. According to whistleblower Scott Stillman,

“[A s]ignificant amount of these defrauded dollars [is] being sent overseas to countries and organizations connected to entities known to fund terrorists and terrorism.”

Here’s how Somali-owned daycare centers appear to work in Minnesota:

[B]usinesses were gaming the system to steal millions in government subsidies meant to help low-income families with their childcare expenses.

In many of the cases, parents would check in their children at a daycare, only to leave a few minutes later with the kids and sometimes no children would show up at the center. However, it would still bill the state for a full day of childcare.

This has been costing taxpayers upward of $100 million per year.

That’s how much was known to have left Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport in cash in carry-on luggage last year alone, mainly headed to the Greater Middle East. Specifically, some of it goes to a part of Somalia that is controlled by al Shabaab, an Islamic terrorist group that has pledged its allegiance to al Qaeda.

People on welfare — presumably “refugees” — have been sending tens of $thousands to Muslim lands in remittance payments.

The more money Big Government blows on social welfare, the more will be devoured by fraud. The more Muslims we import from dysfunctional hellholes, the more of that fraud will finance terrorism.

Taxpayers may have already funded the next 9/11.

On tips from Giorgio P, Chris Black, and The Special Sharia Counsel.

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