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Mar 24 2012

Minorities Asked if Requiring Voter ID Is Racist

It’s racist for nonwhites to have to provide ID to vote, which impinges on their ability to advance Hopey Change by engaging in voter fraud. Man on the street interviews reinforce the official view of the Democrat Party and Eric Holder’s Department of Social Justice — oh wait, they usually don’t:

Via The Right Scoop, on a tip from Shawn.

18 Responses to “Minorities Asked if Requiring Voter ID Is Racist”

  1. Hail The Amberlamps! says:

    Everything is rayciss. Everything, including the word “racist.”

    Just kill yourselves whitey and give all your shit to nonwhites. Atone for your guiltiness.

  2. Hail The Amberlamps! says:

    You know what’s extremely rayciss? Young privileged whitey in a wheelchair collecting money for charity. That’s dirty money most definitely belonging to Black National Socialist Party. Give it up you racist white devil!

  3. Hail The Amberlamps! says:

    People called “John” also known as “a witness” are products of white privilege. Yeah, totally racist.

    Bet he was for showing an ID to vote, the racist.

  4. Watcher says:

    Apparently the only people who have a real problem showing documents about themselves are people with people with identity problems.

    Like Obama not showing his college transcripts. Of course the way he has run the country into the ground, we no longer need to see his grades. We pretty much know what he got and how he got into Harvard – affirmative action and a butt load of Saudi money.

  5. bobdog says:

    Democrats should be exempted from this requirement, because they are disproportionally stupid.

    In turn, I should be exempted from showing ID when I apply for citizenship, visit the DMV, apply for a passport, cash a check, apply for credit, buy handguns, ammunition, cigarettes, liquor, fly, cash in my foodstamps, apply for employment, apply for unemployment, apply for ADC, apply for welfare and government housing, file tax returns, check into the emergency room, check into hotels, cross the border into Mexico, buy prescription medication, apply for a liquor license, enter commercial office buildings, go to the courthouse, sit on jury duty, apply for credit cards, drive, receive traffic citations, receive gambling winnings at casinos, all of it, all the way up to declaring my candidacy for president of the United States. All of these things currently require some form of identification.

    But make it fair. Apply the same rules to people of every color. We should all be allowed to wear ski masks and hoodies whenever we’re out and about. That way we won’t be discriminating against anybody.

    Problem solved, and the smell of hypocrisy disappears forever.

  6. Fiberal says:

    Even a Cut&Paste Lao-Z Idiot knows full well that the DOJ-liberal drive against voter ID is designed to allow cheating.

    The one, isolated, singular power that Americans have over the kakistocracy-ineptocracy is the vote.

    That is why liberals are so relentless in diluting the vote to an act of absurdity.

    And it is how they will eventually destroy the Constitutional Republic.

  7. Kelly Britton says:

    Even having to ask the question just blows my mind. All common sense has left the building folks. Another instance of race baiting by the Left. It’s getting old, don’t ya think? I’m wondering how many people interviewed are Democrats?

  8. Seamus says:

    What’s with all of these racists who think black people are too stupid to be able to go and get id on their own?

  9. SeaFoamGreen says:

    Try that interview with Latino people in CA or AZ. You’ll get slightly different responses.

    Resistance to voter I.D. isn’t from the black community (except for Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and “Minister” Farrakhan). It’s from our amigos with ties south o’ the border.

    I wonder why that is?

    ¡Si se pueda!

  10. Bill T says:

    What The Matrícula Consular de Alta Seguridad isn’t enough ID to vote?

  11. Path says:

    Have the Democrats gone to the UN yet to try to force their no ID regulations against the USA yet?

  12. Joek Loth says:

    Seniors(old people, not mexicans) and the disabled not withstanding, if your too stoopid to get an I.D.card, then your too stoopid to vote. There should also be an I.Q. test to vote. That would eliminate most of the problems we have now.

  13. Joe says:

    debbie whatajoke shlutz can’t get a photo ID. The camera keeps breaking.

  14. AC says:

    My house is very, very racisss. It discriminates against social justice enthusiasts looking to come in and liberate property.

  15. Spider says:

    “Beware of those who cry racism, for they are the true racists…”

  16. LouieLouie says:

    Don’t you have to have a photo ID to buy smokes and booze, or get into a strip club or whatever? So what are these people complaining about?

  17. AC says:

    Don’t you have to have a photo ID to buy smokes and booze, or get into a strip club or whatever? So what are these people complaining about?

    Kids have been buying their adult items at ethnic groceries for decades, no ID required. Even back in my youth the investigators laid off these stores for fear of being labeled racist.

  18. Antisocialist says:

    In Sweden you don’t have to show an ID to become a citizen, there will come tons of terrorist from Sweden with swedish passports in the future (and it has already happened).

    So if you want to have a passport and a new identity just come to Sweden and get it, the government are suckers for stories that some unknown entity attacks you if your a sodomite or a muslim. So sodomite or muslim and you will get a swedish citizenship and since you didn’t have any morals to begin with you can now milk the system for several benefits some make around $2000 a month from milking the system.

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