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May 14 2022

MIT Scientist Debunks Global Warming Hysteria

We need to alert Nina Jankowicz at once. Over a decade ago, the Boston Globe committed misinformation, and YouTube has failed to remove it from public view. MIT Professor of Meteorology Richard Lindzen calmly dismantling the global warming hoax has escaped the censors since 2010.

As he explains, and as schoolchildren used to understand, there has always been climate change. This is a problem only to the extent our rulers make it into one. The notion that the seas are rising up to swallow us is false, which is easily confirmed by the beachfront mansions of our warmist ruling class (e.g., Al Gore, Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos).

A few key quotes:

“To suggest that what’s been going on for thousands of years is something we should suddenly be alarmed at … doesn’t seem reasonable.”

What it seems like is an orchestrated campaign to manipulate fools by striking fear in them. Covid serves as an example of how effective this tactic can be.

“People retire to the Sunbelt, not to the Northwest Territories of Canada.”

A dozen years later, the hottest city in the USA is also the fastest growing. People would be dumping property in Phoenix if they thought it would get much hotter here. Instead, property values are shooting into the stratosphere.

“Although catastrophes certainly occur, they have many causes, of which global warming is one of the least.”

Every time there is a forest fire or a weather event, the mainstream media/Democrat Party axis blames global warming. By now, only the pathologically gullible believe it.

The fallacious tactic is known as “passing from the acceptable to the dubious.” Temperatures appear to be trending warmer; human activity may have an effect. Con artists jump from there to crises that are imaginary, unrelated, or absurdly exaggerated.

They should have stuck with the global cooling crisis they pushed in the 70s. After all, “if you want a disaster, having 2 miles of ice on your head is problematic — and the earth has had that.”

Here Professor Lindzen puts his finger on why climate change dogma has replaced science among scientists:

“All of us scientists are government employees, even if we’re working for private universities. All research is supported by the government.”

Big Government has an obvious interest in propping up a phony crisis the purpose of which is to justify government control over all human activity.

No wonder Big Tech is cracking down, as censors turn their attention to climate change. The Democrat agenda calls for radically reducing both our freedom and our standard of living in the name of a hoax that doesn’t pass the laugh test when challenged.

On a tip from Lyle.


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