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Oct 02 2018

Mitch McConnell Takes Up Comedy

Who would have guessed Mitch McConnell has such a gift for comedy? Watch this deadpan delivery:

We all knew Democrats would use the week (or more) Jeff Flake bought for them to dig up dirt on Brett Kavanaugh. We didn’t know that despite massive effort by the entire Democrat herd, the worst they could find is that he tossed an ice cube at someone back in his college days.

Kavanaugh may be qualified not only for the Supreme Court but also sainthood.

On a tip from Varla.

One Response to “Mitch McConnell Takes Up Comedy”

  1. […] a microscope to uncover misdeeds, I know where we can find something far more shocking than the ice cube Brett Kavanaugh allegedly tossed at someone in college. We don’t need to go back nearly as […]

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