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Nov 07 2019

MLK Boulevard Changed Back to the Paseo in Kansas City

Progressives’ ham-fisted replacement of American culture with a woke culture more to their liking does not stop with the War on Statues. The names for mountains, streets, et cetera maintain our traditions and our identity. That’s why Obama unilaterally renamed Mount McKinley “Denali” and beloved Squaw Peak in Phoenix is now officially known as “Piestewa Peak.” Similarly, politically correct bureaucrats renamed the Paseo in Kansas City “Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.” This time, people pushed back, and the pushback worked.

Via the Kansas City Star:

After a nine-month existence as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, an iconic 10-mile thoroughfare on Kansas City’s East Side will once again be known as The Paseo, Kansas City voters decided by an overwhelming margin Tuesday.

Save The Paseo, the grassroots group that pushed for restoration of the boulevard’s original name, cruised to victory.

Preliminary results showed about 70% in favor or reclaiming the street’s proper name.

The Paseo is named after Paseo De La Reforma in Mexico City. However, that did not lend it enough Third World cachet to satisfy City Council, which blew off a rule requiring that 75% of residents approve before temporarily dumping the traditional name. Black ministers had earlier tried to change the name through ballot initiative.

The outcome was a stunning rebuke of the City Council’s January decision to rename The Paseo to honor King, the late civil rights leader. Now, Kansas City is expected to take down well over 100 signs along the road, which cuts through the heart of the predominantly black East Side.

Once again, taxpayers suffer for the foolish posturing of bureauweenies. But at least Kansas City residents can celebrate reclaiming part of their tradition.

Now let’s reclaim Mt McKinley, Squaw Peak, and all the rest.

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