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Sep 23 2016

Moana Merchandise Pulled for Being a Thought Crime

Halloween comes another step closer to getting banned altogether as moonbats react with righteous horror to costumes inspired by Moana, an upcoming 3D computer-animated musical fantasy comedy adventure movie:

When looking for a Halloween costume, a good rule of thumb is to find something that stands out, is comfortable, and doesn’t involve wearing the skin of other people’s cultures in a shockingly literal way. Disney messed up on that last bit with a costume based on the Rock’s character, the demigod Maui, in Moana, which would sheath wearers in a mock version of his tattooed legs and torso. After an outcry from parents and other concerned, reasonable humans, Disney has pulled the costume from its stores and website, alongside sets of pajamas, sweatshirts, and T-shirts made in a similar style.

A groveling apology was duly issued.

That’s the problem with trying to be politically correct by creating Third World fictional heroes. Representation of these heroes is offensive, for reasons that only a moonbat could make sense of.

Disney repents of this thought crime.

On a tip from Torcer.

13 Responses to “Moana Merchandise Pulled for Being a Thought Crime”

  1. grayjohn says:

    PC = Politically Cretanous. Stop caving to these morons and they’ll go away.
    The stupid is becoming depressing,

  2. skankhunt42 says:

    Scratch that movie off my list then…

  3. skankhunt42 says:

    OT but well worth the read… Operation Google:

  4. THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084 says:

    Perhaps a costume of the Edward Norton Character and his tattoos from American History X would be approved?

  5. skankhunt42 says:

    Hate Trump all you want, but the people in this video see no difference between the deplorables and you Dave:

  6. Jester says:

    Let Uncle Jester do the analysis of this one:

    If you dig deeper into the “accusations of racism” in the story, you will only find ONE person (yes, count them, one) complaining.

    If you actually watch her video, you will find the predictable result: She is (… wait for it… wait for it… wait for it…..) WHITE!! (of course, pretending to be a Polynesian, but obviously isn’t). Big surprise, I know.

    So yes, another case of White Guilt (aka mental illness) running rampant.

  7. Troy McClure says:

    My kid’s Hulk costume was deemed to be offensive to the green skinned community and “puny humans”

  8. Phuqdem says:

    Dont worry, Halloween is safe, you just have to be something evil, like a devil or Democrat

  9. Leslieksweet1 says:

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  10. […] Moana Merchandise Pulled for Being a Thought Crime […]

  11. Patti says:

    Funny, I didnae see any protests over all the Scottish Merida costumes from the movie, Brave.

  12. zsleepwalker says:

    I know I am getting slow in my old age, but …I don’t get it. What is the problem?

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