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May 25 2020

Mob Drives Woman Out of Store for Not Wearing Mask

There is a thin line between the mentalities of the Karen and the lynch mob — as a Staten Island woman learned when she was driven out of a grocery store for not wearing a mask:

Even a medically useless crocheted mask will do. You just need to wear something that symbolizes your willingness to be stampeded along with the rest of the herd. Otherwise, things could get ugly.

In the end, tyranny is not imposed by government. It is imposed by the mob. When the mob turns against the government, tyranny stops. When the mob becomes an instrument of government, tyranny is unstoppable. A herd of cattle always has more power than the drovers steering it toward the stockyard. Good thing for cowboys that cattle are stupid.

On tips from Frances J and Stormfax.

One Response to “Mob Drives Woman Out of Store for Not Wearing Mask”

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