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Nov 18 2019

Mob of Moonbats Crushes Free Speech at Binghamton

The leftists who hold sway on college campuses are so terrified of dissenting views that they will not allow even the most moderate of conservatives to have a say. At SUNY Binghamton in New York, the police had to be called to defend TPUSA members.

Via Campus Reform:

Lacey Kestecher, president of Binghamton University’s Turning Point USA chapter, was joined Wednesday by classmate John Lizak and Taylor Cisinski, a TPUSA regional manager, to recruit for their conservative group. The students also sought to advertise an upcoming College Republicans event featuring the prestigious economist Dr. Aurthur Laffer.

All hell broke loose.

After police arrived, students can be heard chanting “no justice, no peace, no racist police.” When a bystander asked what the police were doing to be considered racist, he was told to “shut the f*** up” as another student screamed “you’re white” as an explanation.

Lacey Kestecher was advised by police to avoid the middle of campus and to have someone with her at all times lest she be assaulted, now that she is known as a non–left-winger.

Welcome to the marketplace of ideas (LANGUAGE ALERT):

I rest my case against Affirmative Action admission policies.

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