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Jun 08 2016

Momentum Builds to Stop Trump at Convention

Momentum is building to save the Republican Party from extinction by stopping Donald Trump at the convention. Even Hugh Hewitt, who stuck to a policy of strict neutrality back when Trump could have been stopped simply by supporting Ted Cruz, is now on board. Hot Air’s Allahpundit doesn’t get it:

Who’s going to challenge Trump at the convention? Cruz? Romney? What hope would either of them have against Clinton once 20-30 percent of the party walked away in outrage that Trump was ousted after having won the nomination fair and square? Keeping the GOP together this fall would have been hard enough had Cruz hung in there, held Trump under 1,237 delegates, and then won on the second ballot thanks to his greater support among party delegates. Waltzing into Cleveland and having the delegates change the rules at the last second after Trump has clinched in order to allow a dark horse to seize the crown would be out-and-out Republican civil war. The only redeeming thing about it would be watching all of the Trump fans who spend their time these days chanting “Never Hillary” decide that, come to think of it, staying home or voting third-party is better than voting for Ted Cruz as nominee after all.

Much as I hate to break bad news, the Republican Civil War is already well underway. The national socialist alt-right types who actually like Donald Trump and conservatives cannot possibly coexist in the same party, because their values are polar opposite. One or the other will control the GOP going forward. If it is the Trumpsters, the future of the GOP will be short. It would be even shorter if Trump were to win in November; his inevitably disastrous administration would render the party politically toxic.

From the conservative point of view, the 2016 election is already over; due to Trump’s media support and divided opposition, we lost. The issue now is whether we will have a chance to win future elections. It is amazing how few people in politics can think more than one move ahead.

By wresting control from progressive authoritarians and making it clear to the public that the majority of Republicans despise Trump, we could secure a future for the party. Losing an election that has already been lost is a trivial price to pay.

If it requires changing the party rules, change them. These rules were not meant as a suicide pact. Steve Deace presents a strong case that they don’t even need to be changed if delegates just show a little backbone.

Romney and Cruz are not the only ones the delegates could back. Literally any Republican officeholder would be a massive improvement over Trump as a candidate, because the objective is to make it clear to the public that Trump does not represent us. Scott Walker is backing away from supporting the nominee even if it is Trump; he would do fine. Who knows? Walker might even win the general election despite angry Trumpsters against an incompetent crook like Hillary.

Amanda Carpenter understands:

On tips from Torcer.

131 Responses to “Momentum Builds to Stop Trump at Convention”

  1. Personally, the GOP can go suck eggs.

  2. mauser 98 says:

    traitors Ryan , McConnel etc.?
    Congress approval rating about 6% ..Trump +50%

  3. Jesse in DC says:

    Well, ya’ll do what you think best. But sure as hell take the time to contemplate the consequences.

  4. Bob Elfers says:

    Meh. We are doomed in any case. Better to haveTrump take the fall and let the wheels fall off already.

    Let the games begin.

  5. dkag7 says:

    the poor ‘conservative’ globalists.

  6. ontoiran says:

    isn’t that what all this is about? the republican party has been ignoring the will of the people since reagan left office. i was a cruz supporter, but the people have spoken and i’ll vote for him rather than let a criminal win

  7. barracuda43 says:

    Just say no to Hillary and her Donor Trump.

  8. Torcer says:

    Donald Trump gets middle-class tax relief, again
    ALBANY — A new round of property-tax bills shows Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump again received a school-tax exemption reserved for those making $500,000 or less a year.

    Trump’s quarterly bill — dated Friday — showed a School Tax Relief exemption on his Trump Tower condominium in Manhattan, knocking about $304 off his annual property-tax bill.

    The exemption, known as STAR, is only open to those who make less than $500,000 a year. Trump, a real-estate developer whose name is attached to a wide range of properties and products, has long claimed to be a billionaire, with Forbes estimating his net worth to be $4.5 billion.

    Trump’s property-tax bill raises questions about whether the wealthy real-estate developer received the exemption in error, or if his income is below the STAR threshold.

    When it showed up on Trump’s previous bill, both the Trump campaign and a New York City spokeswoman said it was an error. But the exemption remained when the city Department of Finance released the latest round of bills late last week. via @lohud

  9. clockwindingdown says:

    you mean fascist trump…

  10. clockwindingdown says:

    you do realize trump is going to court…

  11. jack burns says:

    Yeah, its a juggernaut. You gals at this site are so grumpy these days. If I didn’t look at the page header I’d swear that I was at Red State.

  12. Chronos Z. Wonderpig says:

    yes, lets all of us vote for Hillary, that will make things all better……..

  13. Nobama says:

    MB said: The issue now is whether we will have a chance to win future elections. It is amazing how few people in politics can think more than one move ahead.

    First of all, the GOP is already dead. How else did someone who’s never run for political office win the Republican nomination with most votes in history?

    Secondly, people don’t associate Trump with the GOP, so there’s no concern about him tarnishing the Republican Party brand name (besides, the GOPe already did that…see above).

    And lastly, and most importantly, it’s unlikely *any* Republican will ever win the White House again. Just look at the last 6 elections. Only once did a Republican win the popular vote. Registered Democrats already outnumber Republicans by 7%, and that number will increase dramatically if Hillary gets elected and grants amnesty to the millions of immigrants, both legal and illegal, who invaded this country under 8 years of Obama.

    I can hear the #NeverTrumpers already. But, but…Republicans were able to take control over the House and Senate recently! Ah, yes, this is true. But that’s only because the millions of low-information Democrat voters don’t bother to show up for midterm elections. But they turn out in droves when their Presidential candidate is on the ballot. Bottom line, if Hillary gets in, we’ll never see another Republican president again (it’s probably already too late).

    The choice is clear. It’s Trump or bust.

  14. I will Vote Like 76 Again says:

    Well not only can you not see more than one move ahead you have no idea what transpired historically…

    Same thing happened in 76 and we salvaged the party and elected reagan twice. Trumpkins are no different at all than the ford farts of 76 and Rience is no different than Mary Smith.

    If it is trump it is bust just ask Ellmers and his “african american” who got a whopping 2% in his race…

    Just a fact

    #Nevertrump This delegate was censured in 76 for voting reagan when bound to ford and I aint afraid this time and will vote Cruz while bound to trump

  15. Nobama says:

    You obviously know nothing about how the class action lawsuit racket works. Most companies just settle out of court when these shakedown artists come along (which is exactly what they want). Nearly all successful businesses deal with these vile lowlife scum at some point. Good on Trump for fighting back.

  16. Nobama says:

    But i thought he was just a clown to be laughed at? Now he’s a terrifying fascist?

    I’m quite convinced at this point that paid Hillary trolls have taken over your site, Dave. How’s that feel?

  17. Nobama says:

    Completely different situation, though it pains me to say it. First of all, Reagan was an extremely popular Republican governor of a very large state. Secondly, the democrat party was made of millions of working class, socially conservative people who crossed over to get Reagan elected.

    Today’s democrat party is made up largely of leftists and the ever-growing welfare class of layabouts and immigrants. The voting demographic has changed dramatically.

  18. ontoiran says:

    so is hillary…badababoom!!!

  19. Ashleylcruickshank1 says:

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  20. I will Vote Like 76 Again says:

    Actually not really accurate. First off millions of republican conservatives voted for carter after being rebuked by Mary and the RNC and then after 4 years of pain we and a good percentage of dems as well (having suffered the same) voted for change.

    Now whats to say that 4 years of a clinton disaster will not turn enough to elect a conservative? Hillary aint got massive dem support, now way more cohesion than trump has with the GOP but not a vast majority…

    A trump win however destroys the only vehicle to elect nationally. If you think I am wrong and a 3rd party can emerge ask a libertarian, green, conservative etc how they have done nationally for the last say 50 years…

    Perot was the best and he got 19%…So thats a non starter.

    Best bet for the party, if we don’t eject him in cleveland, take the hit and make sue he fails because if he wins or finishes close enough there will be no vehicle left but the democratic party…


  21. Nobama says:

    We don’t have 4 more years. It’s probably already too late, I could send you a lot of statistics to prove my point. The country has changed dramatically in 30 years. The cultural and global Marxists have won, I’m afraid. Not sure how or when it’s all going to end, but Trump might possibly stave it off a bit a longer. One thing for sure is that the globalists on both the Repub and Dem side don’t like him. That’s a good thing.

  22. Mr Fantastic® says:

    David, fukwits like you are going to hand the election to Hillary.


  23. Wocka Wocka says:

    Trump has the nomination, stop with these child-like fantasies that some white knights from the republican establishment are gonna ride in and save us all from big, bad Trump. The Repubs had their chance, and not only did they fail, they spat in our faces while doing everything they said they would fight against. To hell with the lot of them.

  24. Wocka Wocka says:


  25. Daniel says:

    Define fascism in a way that includes Trump?

  26. Daniel says:

    Yes! We must fight to preserve the way things are! They are awesome! We stand for principles! But then we bend over to let the left define the words we use in our principled statements.

    Trump has defeated this charges of sexism.

    Trump will defeat all charges of racism.

    Trump will again return focus on Hillary’s absolutely criminal past and present while messaging his loyal support of law enforcement and of the intelligence community –> This will result in a much higher likelihood that action will happen against her before November.

    If it were ANY other Republican performing all of these miracles, you people would have sainted and knighted him by now. But no… it’s Trump! The one who makes all of you feel like fools and destroys your egos because you’ve been horribly wrong about him all of this time.

  27. BobSykes says:

    Stop the pretense. You are a Clinton supporter and a totalitarian socialist. You certainly aren’t a Republican, and you certainly don’t support the rule of law.

  28. Steve says:

    It might be debatable whether conservatives should support trump or not. But Dave’s right that Trump is likely to do a lot of damage to the image of conservatism. All we need is for Trump to become a tyrant and libbats will be associating conservatism with Hitler AND Trump for years to come. Maybe the best solution is to just let Hillary win. If there’s one thing libtards understand it’s pain. A lot of Americans are already squirming under the policies enacted by Obongo. Maybe 8 more years of increasing misery is what it’ll take to make the sheeple reconsider their options.

  29. Bob Elfers says:

    Yup. We are doomed.
    Interesting times ahead.

  30. toheckwithyou says:

    Your mask is slipping. I knew all along that all you “conservatives” on this blog were really Hillary supporters.

  31. toheckwithyou says:

    Let’s save America! Forget “save the party” and “save conservatism”. The Republicans killed the party and their brand long before Trump came along. Let’s save America!

  32. RecklessProcess says:

    How is Trump ‘less conservative’ than Paul Ryan who unflinchingly funded Obama’s every wish? Republicans in Congress bow down, kiss the ring, and bend over backwards to give democrats every little wish. How is Trump less conservative than a party that supports Obama’s policies as strongly as Hairy Reed? Trump is more conservative then the Republican party as he will rein in regulation and taxes to free business to bring jobs backs. Trump will build the wall that ‘conservatives in congress’ have been promising since the early nineties but some how never get around to actually doing. If being ‘conservative’ means kissing Obama’s ring and giving democrats everything then I don’t care much for your idea of conservatism.

  33. RecklessProcess says:

    You are the historically ignorant. Trump is Reagan. You ‘republican conservatives’ were against Reagan too as you warned us he would ‘destroy the party’.

  34. RecklessProcess says:

    So you are for Hilliary. That is all I hear you saying. You want the supreme court populated with hard left progressives. We already know that Trump will put in real conservatives, not socialist republicans like you!

  35. mactekus says:

    Lose with Trump and permanently damage the party, or grow a pair and probably lose with someone else. Those are your choices.

    Remember how this mess started. Certain candidates just wouldn’t get out of the race and continued to divide the votes when it was clear they had no chance. Thanks GOPe! Idiots.

  36. Troll Magnet says:

    would you be so eager to “break the bad news” if it was Ted getting screwed at the convention?! didn’t think so.

    you’ve gone mad!

  37. Troll Magnet says:

    One other thing Dave, please tell us how GOP will win future elections if Hillary in her first 100 days legalizes the illegals; official number is 13 million which we both know is more than double that.

    Go ahead, tell me how we will win against newly legalized hordes of 3rd world socialist indoctrinated peasants who share zero of our values! I WAITING!!!

  38. Jack says:

    Career Republican politicians sucking the tit of the taxpayer and lobbyists and hating on Trump makes me like him even more.

  39. clockwindingdown says:

    By lowlife scum you mean trump… I can see you think the scam artist is innocent and disregard all of democrat donny’s transgressions… I hope you enjoy saying madam president because fools that support democrat donny have handed the clinton another presidency…

    Clearly you are legal genius and have been on the filing end of many class action lawsuit rackets… LOL!

  40. clockwindingdown says:

    Exactly, both of the life long democrats are having legal issue, two sides of the same coin… badababoom!!!

  41. chatecat63 says:

    Rather be a Trumpster than Dave the Dumpster. Your continued lame attempts against Donald Trump are going nowhere…thanks for trying, though. Your site used to be one of my favorites. I can’t wait to watch you crash since you’re already a burn out!

  42. clockwindingdown says:

    Trump… that pretty much is all that is needed. Anyone that has listen to him clearly understands that… then there are those that worship but do not listen…

  43. I will Vote Like 76 Again says:

    Why is it every moronic trumpkin always says “So you are or hillary then” when you express ANY opposition to her donor? Then like reading from talking points they go SCOTUS SCOTUS SCOTUS…

    They have no conception as it stands now the court is lost either way. If the court was their REAL concern they would have been ardent Cruz supporters and not damn trumpkins. “REAL CONSERVATIVES” that’s just rich, So when he said his “list” would grow and those were “suggestions” you were too busy re-burying you head in the sand right?

    Didn’t they get it with his pet amnesty queen Ellmers gettin stomped like a narc at a biker rally that line just ain’t having an effect? I guess like all things trump, the trumpkin is if nothing else just plain slack jawed stupid…

    #nevertrump thats means not voting or hillarys donor

  44. I will Vote Like 76 Again says:

    Wrong pumpkin, I voted for reagan at the convention even though I was bound to ford and will vote cruz next month in cleveland even though I am bound to donnie. I and millions of other conservatives voted for carter over ford knowing if he had won or placed close enough 2nd Mary Smith would survive and worst of all had he won he would have been the nominee in 80 (since no one primaries a sitting ELECTED president) and dole would have been in 84 so where would reagan had been?

    You are just beyond description with the level of your stupidity with that statement. But fear not little child us older conservatives will act like your parents in this situation and NOT let you give all your money(the country) to the bad bad con man…

    You will have to wait till we all die to blow your inheritance like a fool…


  45. OldSailor says:

    Let me get this straight Dave, you want to save the Republican Party even if it means giving Hillary and her totalitarians 8 years in the White House … yes?

    Shipmate, that price is too damned high. I don’t like Trump and can’t bring myself to trust him, but I KNOW what Hillary is. This is NOT a case of “better the Devil we know …” I will vote for Trump because he is (God help us) the best chance we have of keeping her out of the White House.

  46. OldSailor says:

    Indeed. Time for the Republican Party to go the way of the Whigs.

  47. Chronos Z. Wonderpig says:

    Dave sez: “By wresting control from progressive authoritarians and making it clear
    to the public that the majority of Republicans despise Trump…..”

    Uh, Trump received more primary votes than anyone ever!!

  48. I will Vote Like 76 Again says:

    “That is all I hear you saying”

    That’s because like every trumpkin you have a severe mental handicap of some sort and can not process simple words on a computer screen…

    There are many and make no mistake here trumpkin I am gonna give you a warning now it is up to you to heed it or get steamrolled, your choice. There are millions of GOP who aint voting trump. We are not gonna magically get on the trump train. Ellmers in NC got 24% after her donnie endorsement and robo calls 24% fckwad in a state he carried remember? donnies “African American” remember him? 2% just 2% in his race.

    Now lemme let you in on a little secret california has 38 mil people, dems outnumber reps 65-35 sometimes 60-40 but just over 1 million out of close to 12 million registered republicans voted and donnie only got 79% of those….

    Now can you do basic math or do you have someone who can explain it to you…Donnie as the nominee HE LOSES, YOU lose. we lose congress, and most importantly he stinks up the GOP to the point they can’t elect a dog catcher. “trump is Reagan” SMH Trump is TAYLOR moron…


  49. Daniel says:

    So you start by making a completely unfounded and disconnected statement. I ask you to make that connection and you say “it’s self-evident.”

    At this point, I’m going say you don’t even know the word’s meaning. Please keep your ignorance to yourself. You shouldn’t prove you don’t know anything to others.

  50. clockwindingdown says:

    You are saying you cannot see what is self evident. I suggest you open your eye’s and start paying attention. Clearly democrat donny is a fascist. He study fascist according to his first wife, “he kept books about Mussolini and Hitler by their bed and would study the books each night before going to bed.” Her words not mine, she went in to greater depth…

    Instead of attacking me for not playing your game do some research…

  51. clockwindingdown says:

    One can be a clown and a fascist… the two are not exclusive, “Dave. How’s that feel?”

  52. Michael wilkinson says:

    That’s because he has received tons of democratic votes since he’s 99% narcissistic, liberal-maniac.

  53. Michael wilkinson says:

    Trump was never in it to win, he was in it to guarantee that HRC becomes potus, watch him tank now and ensure these events. This was a shady deal between the Clinton’s and Trump, she becomes potus and he gets government contracts and money funneled his way. America is full of morons.

  54. Daniel says:

    Again, no definition to back up your assertion of fascism. You aren’t making the case that Trump is a fascist. What is a fascist and what does Trump do or propose which fits within that definition?

  55. Nobama says:

    Doesn’t take a legal genius to know how the class action lawsuit racket works, but yes, I have been involved with a business that dealt with this vile scum.

  56. Daniel says:

    I think we’re witnessing a full-on assault against the status quo for the double-standards of racism and political correctness in general. If there is ONE thing in the way of getting our nation back in order, it’s that. Trump isn’t wasting time and he never has with anything he does.

  57. Dan Morgan says:

    And received more against, than any presumptive nominee ever!!

  58. clockwindingdown says:

    No it doesn’t. It also doesn’t mean that trumpU was not predatory…

  59. clockwindingdown says:

    I have had this type of discussion before with trump worshipers, they will not acknowledge or read what is given to them. Therefore it is better for them to do their own research. Clearly you do not want to find the truth so instead you are attacking me.

    Trump is a fascist, it is clear and self evident to anyone paying even slight attention. That you claim he isn’t means you are not paying even a slight attention, or have chosen not to acknowledge what is.

    Did you swear allegiance to vote only for him? Did you hit someone in the face at his beckoning? Do you openly attack others that disagree with you and call them names? Your fascist leader has called upon you to do these things…

  60. Daniel says:

    Here’s the problem with your position. You are willing to place all manner of effort and energy in your response, but when I ask for actual substance to back the basic assertion of “Trump is a fascist” you can’t do it.

    This is how the world knows your argument/assertion is empty and worthless. Claiming that it’s self-evident does not suffice. There is no definition of fascism which matches anything Trump has said, done or proposed. And without evidence to the contrary, you’re completely failing in your assertion.

    Your approach may work fine with low-intelligence people who simply see lengthy syllabic constructions as impressive and therefore “evidentiary” but it doesn’t work for the people here with a higher IQ and a higher standard of discussion.

    In short “you said it and therefore it’s true” does not fly here. Substance is required.

  61. Ed. G. Mann says:

    All bunkum! Trump now has some 1536 delegates after the last primaries. Anything else you Cruzies are going to say is going no place.

  62. clockwindingdown says:

    Obviously you did not read my post and missed trumps fascist actions as noted. Proving what was written in my first paragraph…

    Clearly Trump is a fascist…

  63. Daniel says:

    If I read stories about dinosaurs, am I therefore a dinosaur? That particular argument does not follow. This is true primarily because there is an essential failure in connecting your working definition of “fascism” (if you actually have one) and any particular acts, statements or positions Trump have made which align with that definition.

  64. clockwindingdown says:

    Fail… Try again! LOL

  65. Daniel says:

    You are among the worst of the low-IQ trolls. You have made a statement that Trump is a fascist and yet you will define neither the term nor how anything Trump has done, said or proposed fits that or any definition of the word.

    …and then you said *I* have failed at something? The only thing I have failed at is getting you to back up your own worthless claim.

  66. Nobama says:

    We’re a free market economy. That’s part of living in a free society. High pressure sales tactics are not illegal. Let the buyer beware, a fool and his money are soon parted, etc.

    You just outed yourself as a Bernie troll with that “predatory” comment.

  67. TED says:

    Get It!

  68. clockwindingdown says:

    LOL… by free market you mean tariffs on product made overseas… or keeping companies from moving out of the country to more business and tax favorable countries…

    You do realize that many trump policies are closer to bermarx’s communism than free market…

    You just outed yourself as… handing the election to the democrats… You must be so proud…

  69. TED says:


  70. clockwindingdown says:

    Actually I have given examples of his actions, you chose to ignore them-that is on you not me.

    Are you denying that trump is authoritarian and nationalistic?

  71. Tchhht!!! says:

    Yeah, the RHINO party has been flipping the bird to voters for decades so why stop now? Say, when did the GOP become the party of the working stiff anyway?

  72. Daniel says:

    The only example I see, if you can call it that, is the one about what people he has read books about.

    As far as nationalistic? You bet. The alternative is to be globalist. Are you saying there is a third option or are you saying that globalism is the way? I fully support the idea that we are a nation with borders and a government where the people have some say in the laws and direction of the nation. That’s not what makes someone fascist, however.

    As for authoritarian? Given his willingness to follow the law and defer to other, appropriate branches of government, I would have to disagree with that. Trump understands that the executive branch is not charged with writing law and is not charged with interpreting the law. The executive branch is charged with signing off on law when presented (veto power) and with faithful execution of the law. I challenge you to point to any current position held by Trump where he intends to overstep the limits of the executive office? I say that (“current”) specifically for two reasons — one is that in previous positions, he had accepted corrections from others and conceded (that demonstrates he is willing and capable of correcting himself and/or taking correction from outside — NOT authoritarian) and two is that previous position are irrelevant as they have changed for reasons of new or better information on a given subject. Authoritarians do not correct or adjust so easily. Again, not fascist.

  73. Daniel says:

    My god man. You are the ultimate parrot. You have no ideas of your own? “Liking” ideas is not the same as having any of your own.

  74. TED says:

    MANY enjoy them, TFB you don’t. I won’t loose sleep. AND HEIL TRUMP!

  75. clockwindingdown says:

    Well then read again…

    Free market…

    Thinks judges make law…

    Hard to stay up with his “current positions” as they change daily, sometime multiple times a day, usually contradicting what he said earlier…

    “Willingness to follow the law”? He is in litigation currently and attacking the Judge due to his ethnic back ground due to trump “feeling” he will have to face justice for predatory business practices…

    Yes, Trump is a fascist…

  76. Daniel says:

    So that’s the flavor of koolade you’ve been drinking.

    In established legal theory, judges, juries and prosecutors are routinely called into question because of their race/ethnicity. The problem is that it’s called into question only when they are white. Are you saying you are in favor of the type of racism and bias our legal system exercises?

    The litigation is brought by a racist-aligned group which has paid Hillary a LOT of money for her speeches. The judge is an active member of the same racist organizations.

    As for his legal case? He followed the law. He is not charged with violating the law. There is nothing predatory about running a school… nothing more predatory than running a college and offering useless degrees in woman and black studies. What’s more, not everyone does well in school. The demonstrated majority of people who made use of the school have gone on to be more successful in what they do. A school can lead horses to water but cannot make them learn. You’d be stupid to think otherwise and willfully blind to refuse to see how few people have anything bad to say versus those who do. And the fact that the one person who started the whole case is no longer involved in the case is pretty telling — the primary plaintiff dismissed from the suit and yet the suit still goes on? That all spells political AGENDA.

    Trump’s current positions do no change daily. You’re just too lazy to learn anything nor even to define the very terms you use.

    You are not the intellectual you think you are.

    You still haven’t made the case for fascism.

    Judges make rulings on the law which sets precedent. In a limited way, judges DO make law. You’re not too bright are you? What’s more judges and juries have the power to nullify law on various grounds.

  77. MicahStone says:

    “Momentum Builds to Stop Trump at Convention”
    –sorry, but I think that’s just stupid. Let’s instead enjoy Mr. Trump for what he is….

  78. Nobama says:

    Wrong again. I’ve been a staunch Ted Cruz voter ever since he ran as a long-shot conservative alternative to the GOPe backed David Dewhurst in US Senate Repub primaries, way back in 2012. Unless you live in Texas, odds are you hadn’t even heard of Cruz til recently.

    Cruz is gone now though. Trump is the only candidate that has a chance at beating her. It’s you #NeverTrumpers who will handing the election to the Democrats.

    We lose this one, and we’ll have Democrat presidents forever. Nothing else really matters now as far as policies go, except stopping the foreign invasion of welfare dependents who will always vote democrat. Trump has built his entire campaign on stopping it. Will he really do it? We’ll see. But we sure as hell know what Hillary and the RINOs will do.

  79. rex freeway says:

    Waltzing into Cleveland and having the delegates change the rules at the last second after Trump has clinched in order to allow a dark horse to seize the crown would be out-and-out Republican civil war.

    As it should be. Fore if that happens it would end the Republican party forever.

  80. clockwindingdown says:

    Faith in trump is misplaced… he won’t do much if anything, even he admitted it was just a starting position to get support… voting the lesser of two evils is evil. Such actions have brought us to this point, further actions of the same are the definition of insanity. Besides, trump is not a lesser evil, he is at least equal.

    trump has no ability to beat hitlery, and the outcome would be the same. Look at democrat donny’s history. People are lying to themselves if they think trump is any better, they’re two sides of the same coin… same social groups. Democrat donny even has admitted to his association with leading democrats.

    No donny is a life long democrat that has done through his supporters what the democrat party has desired, fulfilled their views of what republicans are, and he did it with the help of media and fools that support him.

    There are two democrats running… chumpkins killed the GOP… it’s you chumpkins that handed the election to the democrats… get use to saying madam president… trump has lied this entire campaign, never have I seen or herd someone more full of it, a person would have to be deaf, dumb, and blind not to know…

  81. clockwindingdown says:

    “So that’s the flavor of koolade you’ve been drinking.” You really have drunk the koolade. The “school” wasn’t actually a school…

    Trumps position do change daily, you are to drunk on “koolade”.

    “You are not the intellectual you think you are..”

    Denying my case does not make it so, ignoring the truth does not change the truth.

    No Judges do not make law.

    Doesn’t it get hard trying to cover for the idiot trump on all things? I’ll give you credit you are devout to all of trumps failings and soak up the lies as gospel.

    I thought we were getting somewhere but there you go making personal attacks…

    Remember when hitlery gets sworn in you and your fellow chumpdividians are the cause!

    As I said when we started talking, facts and truths with a chumpkins is a fruitless venture… THX for proving me right.

    BTW don’t bother replying, I know I won’t or be reading anything should you happen to reply…

  82. Daniel says:

    Still does not define “fascist” in a way which describes Trump.

  83. Chris Mallory says:

    Tell us, what have you “conservatives” actually conserved? By every measure, America is worse off than it was in 1988. What are you trying to conserve? Certainly not the United States that our Founding Fathers left us. They left a nation to their posterity , not the wretched masses of teeming shores. There is no such thing as magic dirt, no matter how much the immigrant lobby tries to make us think that.

  84. Chris Mallory says:

    The Republican party was born as a progressive party with the full support of immigrant German socialists. It is a shame it was not strangled in the crib. Let it die now and let a new American nationalist party be born.

  85. Chris Mallory says:

    It has never been. It was founded as a socialist, progressive party. Karl Marx spoke favorably of it and Lincoln.

  86. Chris Mallory says:

    Doesn’t matter where he was born. His parents were Mexican, so he is a Mexican. There is no such thing as magic dirt.

  87. Chris Mallory says:

    Yeah, he is wasting money, time and his reputation to put Clinton in power. Quit drinking the NeoCon Aid.

  88. Michael wilkinson says:

    Moron did you miss the part where I said he would in turn make billions from government contracts? You’re following a billionaire like a messiah, he doesn’t give a shit about the working class, it’s why hes hired illegals, and had people flown in from Eastern Europe so he can save a buck, he conned people out of their money at trump university where they were told to sell feelings. His wife.. Democrat, all his kids… Democrat, his good friends… the Clinton’s. Take your head out of the sand, this country can only be saved by a revolution now, we have the 2 worst candidates in history following the worst potus in history. Smh these 3 clowns make Carter look like Reagan.

  89. Michael wilkinson says:

    That’s because there is only about 3 actual conservatives in government. And our 2 parties? The Democrats are socialists and Republicans are liberals, so where’s the conservative party? Sasse, Cruz and Lee? Everywhere liberals touch is a dump drowning in debt, sky high taxes and unemplyment rates north of 25% Detroit, Chicago, NYC, California, etc…

  90. Nobama says:

    The GOPe killed the GOP. Trump is just the fallout. And you clearly haven’t heard a damn thing I’ve said if you think I’m a Chumpkin.

    You’ve lost all credibility by making ridiculous accusations of Trump being a lifelong democrat. Here’s Trump’s entire party registration and voting history. He’s been a Republican much longer than a Democrat.

    He’s also donated more money to Republicans than Democrats over the decades.

    Not wasting anymore time on you.

  91. FVS says:

    Since the Democrats and RINOs shipped most of their jobs to China and Mexico and the ones they left behind have such horribly depressed wages the only ones who will take them are illegals living 12 to a room. Besides who needs to work when there is section 8 housing, wrlfare, EBT and Obama phones?

  92. FVS says:

    Right and crap like this never happened.

  93. clockwindingdown says:

    Trump called, your koolade came in… LOL!

    Yes democrat donny is a life long democrat… the jersey doesn’t mean a thing…

    His republican donations only increased recently for the most part, coincidentally with their gain in power…

    Yep good old democrat donny, caught another sucker trolling… damn fine fisherman he is…

  94. 762x51 says:

    How about we say go fuck yourself, you fascist, chicken shit, little prick?

    Still waiting to here when you and your army are going to meet me, Trumpanzee coward.

  95. 762x51 says:

    LOL, neocon is a derogatory term that Progressives came up with to describe Democrats who left the party. No dissent is allowed by fascist Progressives, including the Trumpette types. It is used by Progressives to deride those who disagree with them.

    Just thought you might want to know the derivation of the words you use, Progressive Trumpanzee.

  96. 762x51 says:

    He received more than any other Republican, Hillary has received more votes than tRump in her primaries. More people have voted for the despicable, murdering criminal Hillary than have voted for your boy.

    No matter which party wins this November, a NY Progressive will be President. That’s a loss for America.

  97. FVS says:

    More votes than any Republican nominee ever. More delegates going into the convention than any non incumbent Republican candidate. Yet the 1/10 of 1% elitists and pundits say he’s not really a Republican because he called them out as spineless failures.

  98. 762x51 says:

    Technically, the Devile we know is Hillary. tRump has no record, no principles and no belief in the rule of law. I will not vote for a Progressive, regardless of the letter next to their name.

  99. 762x51 says:

    Better check your nipples. Those career politicians are the ones sucking up to tRump, and he loves it. I assume you are a fan of John Boehner and Mitch McConnell, tRump is.

  100. 762x51 says:

    Simpering dumbass.

  101. 762x51 says:

    You tRumpanzee fucktards already did that, jackass.

  102. Paul621 says:

    ReaganiteRepublican blog is a JOKE.
    The “host” deletes members who disagree with his opinion.
    I was one of those deleted … and I’ve been a conservative for years.
    Sad blogger.

  103. Bodhisattva says:

    This could be the solution to our problem (which of the 3 Democrats in the race we will pucker up and vote for, if we bother to vote at all) or it could simply be a way to ensure Hillary is our next President.

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if that Hillary cough proved fatal AND the manage to knock Trump out of the running at the convention?

    But what if they choose Bush instead?

  104. Bodhisattva says:

    So then you agree that all the changes the Democrats have managed to ram through by lying about the Republicans and blaming everything on them have made the country worse?

  105. Sam says:

    More votes from Democrats in open primaries than ever. And more Republican votes against him than any Republican nominee ever.

    The delegates DT has are only “his” because of the GOPe’s failed attempt to rig the game for Jeb. And so far he actually has NO delegates, because they have not yet voted. In any event, those delegates overwhelmingly favor Cruz.

    No, he’s not really a Republican because he’s a political soulmate of Hillary, Reid, Pelosi, & Schumer, and Boehner & McConnell. Trump represents the essence of corrupt crony capitalism, a consummate deal-making insider.

  106. Sam says:

    While conservatives were trying to conserve the Republic and the Constitution, Trump was busy financing the opposition, supporting Clinton, Reid, Pelosi, Schumer, and the Gang of 8. DT has no problem bringing in illegals to work in his hotels and golf courses. He told us we have to allow Syrian Muslim “refugees” into the US. His spokesman has told us that the “wall” is merely a talking point, and that words don’t mean anything. But Trumpbots still have their fantasy of DT swooping in on a flying horse to fulfill whatever they have imagined he said. Just like the Obama cult of “hope and change.”

  107. FVS says:

    Do which flavor Kool aid do you prefer. National Review or Weekly Standard?

  108. Ed. G. Mann says:

    You remain a loser no matter what you say. I’ll bet you’re the terror of the trailer park.

  109. Jack says:

    Are you thinking about my nipples again?/ I remember what a real President looks like FMJ I served under Ronaldis Maximus. Trump may be a weasel but I would never vote for the criminal Clinton cartel.

  110. EX-GOPJohnt says:

    Ted Cruz will get my vote.

  111. Sam says:

    The only kool-aid guzzlers here are bedazzled trumpbots who can’t see beyond the glitter.

  112. Nobama says:

    Whatever brief sucking up by the GOPe is already gone. They’re throwing Trump under the bus for simply calling the La Raza judge a Mexican. Looks like you might just get your contested convention after all, but it most certainly won’t be Cruz. It will be a GOPe RINO. Happy now?

  113. 762x51 says:

    If by “tRump may be a weasel” you meant that tRump is a self aggrandizing, narcissistic sociopath with no morals, principles or character, I agree with you.

    I wouldn’t vote for Clinton either for the same reason I will not vote for tRump. Both are elitist, totalitarian Progressives who fancy themselves above the law. The R or D next to their name is irrelevant.

  114. 762x51 says:

    I get my contested convention? Mister, if I had that kind of power, you would know it. Just as I won’t vote for your boy, I won’t vote for a GOPee RINO either.

    The GOPee conjured up the storm and you Trumpanzees called down the thunder. Now, the time to pay for those mistakes is rapidly approaching. Makes no difference to me, I’ve known this war was coming for many years and have prepared accordingly. If you have not, then you are already dead, sweating over a “contested convention” is a waste of time. You should be learning the basic skills, shoot, move, communicate. You’re going to need them.

  115. Nobama says:

    For the thousandth time, I was a staunch Cruz voter til he dropped out. I’m #NeverHillary now.

    You haven’t been listening to the latest news.

    Your romanticized notion of taking part in some sort of revolution (at least at this stage in the game) is nothing but a suicidal delusion, no different than that guy in Oregon. Go ahead and have fun with that. I’ll do what I can in the meantime and continue to use political methods to fight back.

  116. 762x51 says:

    For the ten thousandth time, Hillary and tRump are the same, elitist, fascist Progressives. Fascism is fascism, it’s form is irrelevant. That you are more comfortable with fascism X, not fascism Y is irrelevant. Supporting a fascist makes you a fascist and fascists are nothing but targets awaiting engagement, to me.

    Call it what ever you want, if denigrating me and others who will stand against your fascism as well as the fascism of the Hillary/Sanders cabal, to defend liberty and the Constitution helps to salve your conscience, then run with it. Giving the enemy more time to prepare does not eliminate the likelihood of the conflict, it diminishes the likelihood that we will prevail.

    The duty to pass on freedom to the next generation as it was passed to you has been laid at your feet by the men who held the green at Lexington and Concord, the men who held the Alamo, the men who took the beaches at Normandy, my brothers who died in Fallujah, Ramadi the Shah-i-kot Valley in Afghanistan and hundreds of thousands of others who fought in places that few have ever heard of like Monte Casino, Tarawa and the Ia Drang Valley You would have been the guy sitting in the corner lecturing the Rangers about their suicidal delusions just before they left to go climb the cliffs at Pointe-du-Hoc. Do you believe that the 185 defenders of the Alamo thought they had a chance in hell of defeating Santa Ana and his 7,000 troops? Go cluck at them about suicidal delusions, or what veterans call courage. Your unwillingness to fight gives the enemy exactly what they need, a clear path to victory and domination. If we lose, it will not be for lack of trying or lack of sacrifice, it will be because of people like you who could have made a difference but didn’t. More delay means more casualties, that is on you.

  117. Nobama says:

    Sorry for the loss of your brother.

    I believe the fears of Trump being some sort of fascist dictator are way over top. He’s just a blowhard. I also believe he’s learning as he goes and he’s teachable. He’s already hired some of the best conservative minds as advisers. You really think he’s doing that just to fool us all?

    Besides, there’s nothing Trump could do or say to satisfy the #NeverTrump crowd. Even when he says the right things (like about the 2nd Amendment), NeverTrumpers just claim he’s lying.

    I’ll be ready to fight for liberty when that time comes. In my opinion, we aren’t quite there yet though. And for any chance of successfully beating back tyranny, we’ll need a lot more people in power on our side, just as there was during the lead up to the Revolutionary War. Personally, I’m greatly disappointed at how our own military has allowed the trampling of our Constitution, that they swore to uphold, to continue unfettered. They are in a much greater position to do something about it. Where are the Patrick Henrys of today?

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