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Oct 15 2019

Momofuku Founder: Supermarkets Are Racist

If they look hard enough, they are bound to find racism against someone other than Caucasians somewhere — and they are looking very hard. David Chang, founder of the pricey Momofuku culinary brand, looks for it in the international aisle at supermarkets.

From Willmar, Minnesota’s West Central Tribune:

Chang calls the “ethnic” or “international” food aisle a “last bastion of racism that you can see in full daylight in retail America.” … Chang argues that shelves designated for Latino or Asian foods are a kind of segregation from white America. … Chang says the existence of ethnic markets alongside allegedly all-American supermarkets told him he and his family “were never going to be accepted.”

Chang is likely a zillionaire as a result of taking advantage of the opportunity America offered him. He thanks the country by accusing it of being racist against him.

No matter how pathetically members of the core population grovel guiltily before politically sacred People of Color, they will still be denounced for racism, so long as being offended is accepted as a means of wielding power.

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