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Jan 17 2020

Money for Flint Water Crisis Was Diverted

A crisis is hyped largely because it disproportionately affects a politically favored group. Massive sums of money are spent. Where does the money go? Most of it is diverted.

In the case of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, $zillions went into the pockets of Bill and Hillary Clinton or otherwise vanished.

Another example is the 2014 Flint water crisis. Michigan awarded $390 million in aid. Here is where the money went, via the Daily Caller:

About $129 million was spent on economic development and “social development,” nearly as much as the $144 million spent on safe drinking water, according to the state budget tally.

Money from a state water grant was used to bring “a youth basketball league back to the city after a fifteen-year absence,” according to the book “The Poisoned City.”

State water-crisis money has been providing free daycare for children ages 3 and under in the city, even though none of them [was] alive or in utero during the primary water crisis, a state spokesman acknowledged.

The spending bonanza went into overdrive after then Governor Rick Snyder declared a state of emergency in January 2016. The crisis had ended several months previously:

The city switched from the problematic water supply in October 2015.

As usual when Big Government is involved, some of the loot was awarded to crony capitalists:

Of $66 million that went toward economic development, $20 million went to Uptown Reinvestment Corp., a firm associated with four investors, two of whom are donors to Snyder, according to campaign finance records.

The Welfare State also benefitted:

[T]he government also spent nearly $4 million providing extra money on the food stamp cards of residents, the state data show.

No matter what happens, it is always a reason to grow government by letting it spend other people’s money.

Ironically, the water crisis was precipitated in part by officials improperly tapping into a pool of money that was supposed to be for urgent environmental issues and using it for unrelated purposes.

As a result of their shenanigans, corrupt and bungling local pols ended up taking water out of the Flint River. It was contaminated with lead because the city failed to add anticorrosive agents. The rest is history.

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