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Dec 23 2017

Moonbat Attempts to Ruin Christmas

Liberal utopia will never be achieved until Christmas has been completely eradicated. Mark Dice documents just a few of the recent moonbat attacks on the holiday that must not be named lest someone be offended:

Do your part to fight moonbattery by having a Merry Christmas and spreading Christmas cheer.

9 Responses to “Moonbat Attempts to Ruin Christmas”

  1. Angel says:

    The next children’s Christmas book will be about Santa’s elves having a giant gay orgy.

  2. Watchman59 says:

    And they don’t really care that those of us who still consider God becoming Man, living a perfect, sinless life, dying on the cross to pay for our sins, and being resurrected from the dead relevant to modern life are the only ones not offended by the holiday.

  3. physicsnut says:

    vice at VICE !!

    oh dear – how the mighty lib-progs fall
    ALTERNET is all about Sex, Drugs, Revolution and Chomsky worship.

    “As some of you are aware, allegations surfaced earlier this week
    of sexual harassment involving AlterNet’s longtime executive editor,
    Don Hazen. We take these allegations very seriously, and in turn, the Board of Directors of AlterNet’s parent organization, the Independent Media Institute, immediately placed Don on indefinite leave as we began to investigate these claims. As of today, Don submitted his resignation, which the Board accepted, effective immediately. ”
    “Several women say that Don Hazen, the executive director of AlterNet
    and the previous publisher of Mother Jones magazine, sexually harassed
    and acted inappropriately toward female journalists, BuzzFeed revealed in a report published Thursday.
    In BuzzFeed’s report, six women, all of whom are journalists
    or work in media, accused Hazen of openly discussing their sex lives, touching them inappropriately, sending emails detailing sex positions, showing one woman a photo of his erect penis and assessing his female employees’ physical appearances.
    A seventh female journalist told HuffPost that Hazen would
    often talk about sex during meetings and once mimicked a sex act with his hands while he was eating lunch with staff.
    Don Hazen JournoList
    Don Hazen, of Alternet, was an identified member of JournoList – an email group of approximately 400 “progressive” and socialist journalists, academics and “new media” activists.
    JournoList members reportedly coordinated their messages in favor of Barack Obama and the Democrats, and against Sarah Palin and the Republican Party. JournoList was founded in 2007 and was closed down in early 2010.[1]
    Free Republic: JournoList: 151 Names Confirmed (with News Organizations), July 30, 2010

    i rate Hazen at 0.3 WEINSTEIN UNITS

  4. physicsnut says:

    annoy a lib or a witch – play Handel’s MESSIAH – TURN IT UP
    He wrote 54 pieces in 24 days – Aug 22 to Sept 14, 1741.

    orchestra consisting of:
    14 violins, 6 violas, 3 cellos and 2 double basses
    4 oboes, 4 bassoons, 2 horns, 2 trumpets and timpani
    organ and harpsichord
    5 soloists: 2 sopranos, alto, tenor and bass
    choir: 4 (or 6) boy sopranos and 13 male voices (altos, tenors and basses)

    — found 34 performances (so far)

    /1 christopher hogwood – westminster abbey *****

  5. FromNJ says:

    Slate has really ramped up the liberal scolding this year. They make Salon look rational by comparison.

  6. Frank says:

    Thanks goodness I outgrew Santa mid-last century!

    Black mall Santas can’t say “Ho! Ho! Ho!” It offends ghetto moms.

  7. Dem-Smasher says:

    Wife thinks the Polar Express Santa looks like President Trump.

    Santa says: Build the woll.

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