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Feb 12 2019

Moonbat Bank: Aspiration

The policy of having people pay whatever they think they should was a predictable failure for Panera Cares. Aspiration, a bank catering specifically to moonbats, steps up to give it a try. Because socialism means never admitting, “Well, that didn’t work”:

At Aspiration, we always put our customers first. You can be sure because we trust you to Pay What Is Fair – even if it is zero. That means we will always be working our hardest for you.

That’s their ATM fee: “the fee you think we deserve.” Given the company’s irritating moonbat posturing (“At Aspiration, your deposits are fossil fuel free… Goodbye, Greed. Hello, Good.”), the fee I think they deserve would be a pie firmly ground into the CEO’s face.

On a tip from Steve T.

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