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Jul 06 2017

Moonbat Columnist Tries His Hand at Hate Hoaxing

Minorities enjoy such cooing sympathy after claiming to be oppressed by the police that a white male moonbat in Missouri tried to horn in on the act:

When Columbia Daily Tribune columnist Bill Clark wrote a piece attacking the Boone County Sheriff’s office, claiming “I’m lucky I didn’t get shot,” on a traffic stop, Sheriff Dwayne Carey released video of the traffic stop which shows the truth (video below.)

Bill Clark wrote the piece for the Columbia Daily Tribune, and the newspaper editors apparently approved it. In addition to claiming that he’s lucky he didn’t get shot, he claimed that he now knows, “how minority motorists feel,” and that he was subjected to “official arrogance.”

The reason for the stop was because Clark hadn’t used his turn signal. However, Clark suggests that the real reason for the stop was because he had an old car with a lot of liberal bumper stickers and a dent.

Unfortunately for the aspiring victim, there was video of the supposedly oppressive encounter. It is boring to sit through, but confirms that the officers were professional, courteous, and not the least menacing, and that Clark is a lousy driver who deserves a spot on the Hate Hoax List:

On a tip from Wilberforce.

15 Responses to “Moonbat Columnist Tries His Hand at Hate Hoaxing”

  1. Agrippa says:

    I know there are exceptions, but generally the implementation of dashboard cameras in police vehicles has been a great counter-Moonbat device. Any (typical) Libtard who bitches about “police brutality” gets his hat handed to him, as it were. Here we have that typical piece of dog excrement, the “reporter” Bill Clark, who thought he could disregard the facts and promote yet another fake news story (anything for the DemonRat agenda, eh, dude? Lie, cheat, steal, whatever . . .). God, you people are pathetic!

  2. geeknerd says:

    I gave a friend a lift, and when I made a turn and used my turn signal, my friend asked, “What’s that clicking noise?”

    More people should be ticketed for not signalling, although on the 405 in LA, signalling a lane change makes people speed up to block you.

    Isn’t this Bill Clark sexist for giving this policeWOMAN a difficult time?

  3. MAS says:

    Thank God these folks are too stupid to know if their LEOs are equipped with cameras. Makes for such an easy bust…unfortunately he will not see any prosecution because departments almost never do in personnel complaints.

    There should be a law that allows a stop and cite for too many bumperstickers. The only rub with that is, in my experience, the more stickers one has on their car the more insane they are. Not guilty by reason of insanity…

  4. Mr Norml says:

    Another missed “Cash for Clunkers”. That was the single biggest way to get Obama stickers off the road.

  5. rocky says:

    Yeah, the guy was a whiney little bitch, but the ticket is BS. I would have been pissed off too, but I don’t think I would have claimed I was almost shot.

  6. Maurice Miner says:

    Rocky, I would be pissed off as well, but simultaneously acknowledging that I had failed to indicate (required by law). The ticket is not BS – it is completely valid, and deserved. Indeed, the whiny little bitch couldn’t even say his right indicator suddenly stopped working, as you can clearly see in the vid.

    When the rozzers are on the prowl, it is worthwhile to ensure that one observes all necessary road rules.

  7. Margaretweastman says:

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  8. Maurice Miner says:

    Margaret, you and similar spammers will all die a horrible (but deserved) death eventually. Just sayin’

  9. bigpete says:

    Bad habits form through repetition. I’m sure he’s made thousands of turns just like that over the years. I’m also sure this was not his first fake news story.

  10. Kevcar says:

    A little Henry Cho quote there – “what’s that clickin noise- “.

  11. FromNJ says:

    Wow, he was lucky to get out of there alive…
    White Reporters Lives Matter!

  12. 127guy says:

    Who does this guy think he is – Ed Schultz?

  13. The Deplorable EtoculusDei says:

    Every liberal I know is a condescending prick…….just like the guy in the video. They have no respect for anyone.

  14. rpp618 says:

    He should be promptly fired by the newspaper.

  15. BiffWellington says:

    Wonder if CNN has made Mr Clark an employment offer?

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