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Dec 15 2019

Model T Denounced

The Model T is arguably the greatest car in automotive history, because it allowed regular people to drive, vastly increasing our freedom and productivity. For that reason, includes the Model T in a clickbait slideshow of the Worst Cars of All Time: The Bottom of the Barrel of Automotive Failure, proving that there is no escape from liberal spin anywhere.

Denouncing the Model T for its very strengths is classic moonbattery:

The first successful production car changed how people travel and led to nearly everyone owning or using a car on a daily basis. Because of this, pollution has drastically increased, car prices are high, and mass transit systems are suffering.

Car prices are high because the Model T brought car prices low. Go figure.

If it wasn’t for the Model T, people would rely on less polluting methods of travel like trains, buses, or trolleys.

Where the trains, buses, and trolleys don’t go, we would rely on walking long distances and riding bicycles in the rain as they do in leftist utopias like Cuba, to the delight of progressives.

Fumes the author:

All of the problems that we have seen from cars starts [sic] with the Ford Model T.

That is to say, all the blessings we have seen from cars start with the Model T.

Hats off to the great Henry Ford. Unfortunately, if liberals continue to write history, he will be remembered as a villain, precisely because of the great benefit he bestowed on us.

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