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Feb 06 2018

Moonbat Identifies as Bear

No wait, it isn’t a moonbat identifying as a bear; it is art, or rather, what remains of art, the entire field of endeavor having been laid to waste by moonbattery:

That was a preview of a work by performance artist Sandrine Schaefer. Evidently, it “takes on a time structure inspired by cycles of dormancy in bears.”

From David Thompson:

Ms Schaefer, who teaches performance art to those less gifted than herself, is a recipient of the Boston ICA’s 2015 Foster Prize, and has been described by the ICA’s senior curator as “amazing,” “compelling” and yet inexplicably “underfunded.”

Underfunded? No doubt the National Endowment for the Arts will see to that.

On a tip from Steve T.

23 Responses to “Moonbat Identifies as Bear”

  1. MAS says:

    Another first world thing…

  2. Spiny Norman says:

    Good line from Thompson’s readers:

    A witness to performance art inherently assumes the privilege of having survived an exclusive experience.

    I’m a performance art survivor.


    And another:

    Needs to end with the stage direction “Exit, pursued by a bear”.

  3. grayjohn says:

    That was…ridiculous.

  4. Spiny Norman says:

    Taxpayer-funded “performance art” reminds me of this:

  5. Mike_W20 says:

    After doing an internet search of images of Ms Schaefer, I can understand why she wears a bag on her head.

  6. Obed Wolfinger says:

    Does a Schaefer defecate in the woods?

  7. Callawyn says:

    Universally denounced for “cultural appropriation” in 3, 2, 1…

  8. gregtuco says:

    I’ve had a poster of this in my house or office for the last 30 odd years.

  9. seaoh says:

    I could bearly stomach watching This stuff that bears do in the woods

  10. Talcum X says:

    New fetish found. Hyperventilating open midriff thickchick furries!

  11. Jack Bauer says:

    The sophomoric crap that people will do in lieu of getting a REAL job and working for a living……
    Hey, Sandrine: Get a job, you friggin’ no talent loser!

  12. Rusty Bill says:

    I’m willing to bet that video (no, I didn’t watch it) was made within 50 yards of a paved road. I’m further willing to wager that this “artist’s” knowledge of bears come from watching old “Yogi” cartoons.

  13. Ramona says:

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  14. gary says:

    This chick is demented. I wonder what would happen if she met up with a male bear that wanted to get frisky

  15. J Fitzgerald says:

    Fat and soft…like every liberal I ever met…goofy too

  16. Scattergood Baines says:

    How does she drop a log if she’s wearing those pants? #FakeBear

  17. Fred Dieckmann says:

    That was unbearable……

  18. Anonymous says:

    Please, consider spending time, effort and money on something more constructive…

  19. […] you enjoyed the video of performance artist Sandrine Schaefer pulling a t-shirt over her face and pretending to be a bear, you are sure to appreciate the Joseph […]

  20. octa bright says:

    In unenlightened times the gentry went to Bedlam to be amused by the insane. Now, in the XXI century we call it at and do the same.

  21. Luann says:

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  22. Dink Newcomb says:

    I personally do not drink because it was always negative for me. BUT, I agree with you 100%! Watching a couple of minutes of this fool standing in one spot has convinced me that even the worst effects of drunken behavior (actually DOING something humiliating, taking off all your clothes on a bus and puking all over yourself, standing alongside the road and shooting a .22 pistol at passing cars (2 indians in SD actually did this until arrested), etc) are less negative than standing still with a tee shirt over your face and claiming it as a skill! I read this morning about some woman flushing her companion hamster down the airplane toilet because it could not be carried on the plane. THIS would be a superior follow up to the bear video if Schaefer did it to herself rather than an innocent hamster.

  23. […] The supposed artistic merit of the graffiti is irrelevant in a world where pulling a t-shirt over your head and pretending to be a bear is regarded as art. […]

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