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Jul 02 2018

Moonbat Infestation at Portland ICE Holding Facility

Incited by the media’s contrived separated illegal alien children propaganda barrage, moonbats have laid siege to a Portland ICE holding facility, clogging up the surrounding area with their characteristic clutter and filth.

The facility has been closed since June 20 due to the moonbat infestation but is open today on a modified schedule.

Although a mob of radicals closed a government detention facility on behalf of foreign invaders, it took more than a week to generate even this much of a response:

Nine people were arrested on Thursday, June 28 after federal officers in riot gear moved in to clear the entrance to the ICE building.

Seven protesters were charged with failing to comply with directions given by law enforcement officers, and blocking the building’s entrances. The charges are Class C misdemeanors and the protesters were released, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Oregon.

An eighth moonbat is being held for interfering with a peace officer.

As officers cleared the entrance Thursday morning, truckloads of tents, boards, even a couch, were hauled away from the entrance.

But plenty of crap remains.

This being Portland, local government sided with the mob.

Mayor Ted Wheeler, who also serves as police commissioner, has declined to provide assistance from the Portland Police Bureau to Department of Homeland Security during the siege.

Other measures that were taken by Homeland Security include playing Metallica to keep the moonbats awake at night and, allegedly, placing cardboard cutouts of officers in the windows to make them seem frighteningly numerous. Oh, and this:

One officer walked around with an eagle mask on his head.

Also, they passed out fliers:

The Occupy vermin have been behaving as you would expect:

Nearly two dozen calls have been made to Portland Police related to the encampment. Several were noise complaints; another was a call about assault. … The complainant, who was in a motorized wheelchair, said the subjects were messing with her chair and hitting her in the head.

Why is this tolerated? Do they not make fire hoses anymore?

On tips from Pork_Soda.

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