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Dec 24 2018

Moonbat Nativity Display

Remember the immigrant child in a cage hoax? Moonbats might still be wringing bogus self-righteousness out of it, to judge by a nativity display that subordinates the meaning of Christmas to leftist politics:

A Massachusetts church set up their Christmas nativity display this year by posing baby Jesus inside a small steel cage as a show of support for illegal immigrants.

In the scene, Jesus has been separated from his parents, Mary and Joseph, while the three wise men are blocked from accessing the location by fencing with a sign that reads ‘deportation.’

This perversion of the nativity to make a cheap political point was perpetrated at a Roman Catholic church in Dedham.

Steve Josoma, the priest at St. Susanna Parish, said he “wanted to put a mirror image of the world into the stable.”

Mirror image is right. Like all moonbats, he gets everything backward. To the extent there are bars, they are not to incarcerate the invaders but to keep them out.

Hollow out the content, replace it with the lies they scream on CNN, wait for the congregation to wander off in boredom and/or disgust. If the point is to destroy Christianity, this is a far better strategy than direct repression.

Unsurprisingly, Josoma is reportedly on board with the anti-Christian gay agenda.

Josoma must love the moonbat Christmas carols they sing at Pitt Street United Church.

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