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Oct 30 2019

Moonbat Obsession With Creepy-Crawlies Escalates

If it is disgusting and degrading, progressives will do their best to push it down your throat — sometimes literally. Their obsession with getting us to eat creepy-crawlies (see here, here, here, here, here, here, and here) begins to focus on kids:

According to the Art Museum of Southeast Texas, its “Eat a Bug!” Free Family Arts Day is the venue’s most popular event, providing children with the chance to gobble “fried crickets” or “fried mealworms that are provided by a local pest control company. …

Kids who consume the insects also receive a “fun ‘I ate a bug’ sticker.”

Those who don’t want to trade their cheeseburger for a plate of dead bugs hate the planet. Also, they are racist. We know this because Christopher Columbus — the villain who spread Western Civilization into the New World — didn’t regard bug-eating as suitable for civilized people. So argues Yara Elmjouie of Al-Jazeera:

If Christopher Columbus called the savages “savages,” it might have been not only because they ate bugs, but because they ate each other and cut children’s hearts out to appease the weather gods. They weren’t just pre-Columbian; they were pre-wheel, subsisting at a literal Stone Age level.

Getting back to bugs, moonbats also turn to them and other creepy-crawlies for sexual gratification:

VICE is showcasing the fetish of formicophilia where people “incorporate insects into their sex lives.” …

A video uploaded to the hipster outlet’s YouTube channel features “two different people who enjoy playing with bugs (alone and with a partner) to find out what’s behind the fetish.”

As one of the “bug play” participants explains, “When I’m feeling insects crawling all over me, it creates this sensation that washes up and down my body that’s just pure pleasure and feeling that closeness with these creatures makes me feel wonderful and loved inside.”

From there, the depravity gets too horrific and obscene to go into. The video is here for those who have the belly for it.

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