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Jul 23 2019

Moonbat Rule and Blackouts in Venezuela and New York

Blackouts have been in the news lately. In leftist-ruled Venezuela,

Most of Venezuela was left in the dark Monday in the latest blackout to hit the beleaguered nation as it suffers from an economic collapse and a crumbling power grid.

Local media reported that power was out in at least 19 of Venezuela’s 23 states since around 4:45 p.m. local time.

Yankee attacks and sabotage are the usual official explanations when the lights go out in Venezuela. The country has the largest proven crude oil reserves in the world and ought to be able to keep the lights on. The actual reasons that it cannot are the incompetence and corruption that result when everything is run by Big Government.

That calls to mind an issue closer to home — the recent blackouts in leftist-ruled New York:

More than 50,000 New Yorkers lost power amid the weekend’s heat wave that strained the city’s power grid, one week after a transformer fire left 75,000 New Yorkers in the dark for five hours.

Just as Venezuela blames a phantom “electromagnetic attack,” Governor Andrew Cuomo predictably points the finger at Con Edison. Regardless of where the blame lies with these specific incidents, blackouts are a feature of leftist rule. The moonbats running New York have made them inevitable:

A new state law the Governor signed last week requires 70% of state electricity to come from renewables by 2030 and 100% from “carbon-free” sources by 2040. Meantime, the Governor has blocked three natural gas pipelines and mandated the premature shutdown of the Indian Point nuclear plant that supplies a quarter of New York City’s power.

The only thing more pernicious than corruption and incompetence is liberal ideology. Progressives literally believe that the fossil fuels that comprise the lifeblood of modern civilization are bad. They prove they are good people who care about the planet by pretending that wind and solar can meet New York’s gargantuan energy needs. This puts New York on a collision course with reality.

Cuomo is pushing more offshore wind, which even with federal subsidies is 2.5 times more expensive than natural gas. …

Wind power has barely increased since 2014 due to environmental headaches, and as of last month there were no projects under construction.

No matter how many hideous bird-chopping turbines eventually get built on the backs of taxpayers, wind power is not reliable, in contrast to the natural gas that Cuomo suppresses.

In the long run, Andrew Cuomo is about as likely as his fellow left-wing authoritarian Nicolas Maduro to keep the lights on.

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