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Mar 12 2019

Moonbat Tech: Genderless Voice

In utopia, even robots will be gender-free. Social engineers have developed a genderless voice:

Talk to Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa and you’ll notice a common trait: They both have female voices.

This has been found to be problematic.

While this can help make robotic assistants more relatable and natural to converse with, it has assigned a gender to a technology that’s otherwise genderless.

Assigning gender is wrong. You wouldn’t do it to your theyby, why do it to a robot?

Now, researchers are hoping to offer a new alternative by launching what they’re calling the world’s first ‘genderless voice.’

You thought political correctness couldn’t get any worse? It can always get worse.

The voice, called ‘Q’, was created by researchers from Copenhagen Pride, equality campaign organisation EqualAI and Virtue, a creative agency under Vice, to be gender neutral.

Binary gender is a patriarchal, transphobic concept. Gender is a thought crime. To build utopia, we must abolish gender.

To do this, they recorded voices from participants who identify as non-binary, or neither exclusively female nor male.

Here’s why AI assistants must not have female voices:

Experts say assigning a female voice to an AI assistant reinforces stereotypes that females are supposed to helpful, nurturing and caring. Additionally, that they’re more appropriate for administrative roles.

However, a male voice would also be a thought crime, because it would imply that men have all the answers, whereas political correctness requires us to believe that men are clueless and wrong.

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