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Oct 12 2011

Moonbat Tech: Toilet/Tricycle Hybrid

Given the ecomoonbat love of bicycles and obsession with human waste, it was only a matter of time until someone invented the Toilet Bike Neo:

The Toilet Bike Neo will be conducting its roughly 500 mile trip from Kyushu to Tokyo powered entirely by the on-board biogas digester. Biogas systems use an anaerobic bacteria system to convert dead organic matter into a usable fuel primarily made of methane. This system obtains its fuel from the rider — directly from the rider, if you get what I mean. It runs on the rider’s poop — he just sits there, unloads, and rides off (hopefully with a step involving pants at some point as well). The system is reportedly efficient enough that it could run indefinitely were the rider sufficiently well fed.

Maybe they could recruit Michael Moore as a test driver — or Michelle Obama.

The stated purpose of this absurd contraption is to reduce harmless CO2 emissions.

When it comes to fuel for the toilet trike, moonbats are full of it.

On tips from Scott and CJ.

12 Responses to “Moonbat Tech: Toilet/Tricycle Hybrid”

  1. Mickey Shea says:

    I just blew coffee out my nose laughing, damn you !

  2. StanInTexas says:

    LaoZee, you should get one of these. You are so full of “FUEL” that you would be able to go anywhere for free!

  3. lao's automated rant generator says:

    I just stopped by to remind you all about how irrelevant Sarah Palin is. Even though this is my 9,999th comment on her.


  4. AC says:

    Too bad it doesn’t run on bullcrap. If it did, then the Obama administration might be the solution to the energy crisis.

  5. Sam Adams says:

    Its gonna take a lot of poop to make that trip. Fortunately it isn’t in short supply. I hear that New York…in the streets around Wall Street, has some to spare.

  6. lao's automated rant generator says:

    Maybe we can get the guy who took a dump on the police car to be a test driver…whaddaya think?

    David Duke!

    Unemployment creates jobs!

  7. Graycat says:

    Methane, in just the right air to methane mixture, is extremely explosive. Air. Methane. A source of ignition. KA-BOOM! Methane itself is odorless, it’s all the other decaying organic compounds that give poop its stink.

  8. seraxmd says:

    I’m pretty sure methane is considered a major greenhouse gas. Much more significant in the atmosphere than CO2. Again, government attempts to utilize “cleaner, green energy,” end up worsening the overall problem (see wind power, other “biofuels” like corn/ethanol, solar power, etc.). All of these are ultra-inefficient, end up costing much more, and still require fossil fuel to operate.

  9. seraxmd says:

    They always cite the wonderful, $120K plus Tesla sportscar as the shining example of an efficiently operating electric vehicle. However, have you seen how many Lithium ion batteries are required to run it? How many landfills will be required to dispose of those batteries? What are the long term effects of degrading Li batteries on the soil & atmosphere? Plus, you eventually have to plug it in to charge it!

  10. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    What if the rider choose to stop off at the local taco joint for the bean burrito special.
    I mean c’mon. The blown gaskets alone could put a serious strain on the Romney care system.

  11. FrankW says:

    To support Moore the frame would have to be beefed up and shocks from a 747 would need to be used. Not to mention the fact that a much bigger conversion system / engine would be needed to move that much mass (or ass, same diff). The good news is he is so full of crap the thing could be the size of a semi and he has enough fuel.

  12. J says:

    The left’s endless love affair with all things fecal is now mobile.

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