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Oct 20 2011

Moonbat Utopia in Oakland

Features of the runaway moonbattery on display at Occupy Oakland include public sex, fighting, drug dealing, sexual harassment, assault, graffiti, vandalism, giant rats, public urination, and various other sanitation issues. Even the media is figuring out that no one to the right of Occupy Wall Street supporter Barack Hussein Obama will fail to be horrified by these animals:

Consequently, the media is no longer welcome — on a public square:

But even if reporters can’t get onto Frank Ogawa Plaza without having pit bulls sicced on them, I’m sure Tinseltown Marxist Danny Glover and the moonbatty American hikers from Iran will continue to be welcome.

A local Oakland reporter observes that the nascent communist revolution praised by so many prominent Democrats consists largely of “bullies, the mentally ill, drunks, thugs and anarchists.” The objective: to establish authoritarian rule by this same sector of society.

A local cop compared the scene to Lord of the Flies.

Hopefully America will take a long hard look at the Occupy movement and ask itself if it wants to continue down this path.

On tips from SR, Shawn, and whotothewhat. Hat tips: Big Government, Big Journalism.

14 Responses to “Moonbat Utopia in Oakland”

  1. Bob Roberts says:

    It’s a bit late now, as I should have posted this when I realized it last week. The Occupy San Diego Crowd was doing so poorly they needed to change their strategy. They vowed NEVER to give up the Civic Center Plaza, but due to consistently low interest and attendance, as I suggested to several friends last week, they’ve now announced they ARE moving. I stated that they would move to a couple colleges, naming specific ones. It turns out I was right, but I missed one. In the news today, Occupy San Diego announces they are going back on their promise to NEVER ABANDON THEIR OCCUPATION OF THE CIVIC CENTER PLAZA and instead are moving to three local universities in hopes their flagging numbers will be temporarily revitalized – at least until those who join them have to choose between grades, careers, that is, REAL LIFE, and playing “we’re going to change the world”.

    The irony is those who stay in school and do NOT join Occupy San Diego might just have a shot at bringing some real change to the world.

  2. Bob Roberts says:

    Oh, and of course, their web site is DOWN AGAIN. Nobody dedicated enough to give it the attention it needs.

  3. Some goodies for sure and posted.

  4. KHarn says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I wish we were HALF as violent as the neo-commies claim we are. If we were, there would have been dozens of vigilantes with baseball bats, broomsticks, tear gas and shotguns loaded with small shot clearing these IDIOTS out weeks ago.

  5. SR says:

    One of my relatives is a Sargent on the OPD, he told me you can smell the piss and crap several blocks away.
    Oakland is far worst than most moonbat infested cities, it’s high in violent crimes.

  6. Brute says:

    Someone is going to get hurt…….these “protests” are not going to end well.

    These flea-baggers are going to go on a rampage.

    Where is the law?

    As a civil society we cannot allow a group of malcontent freeloaders, drunks, bums, drug addicts and run of the mill crazies to make up their own rules.

    The television crews have every right to assemble in the PUBLIC park.

    If the police and government officials will not enforce the law then the law abiding citizens will.

    It’s going to get ugly…….fast.

  7. Hedgehog says:

    What does Communism look like? This is what Communism looks like! Everyone relax. They are out in the open now. Let them show themselves for who they are. They are getting no traction. Let’s see if the Communist geniuses can make anything of this.

  8. AC says:

    People incapable of feeling either pride or shame are not likely to achieve great things. This is an infantile, angry mob, apparently more concerned with hanging out, getting wasted, and having a good time than participating in serious political discourse.

  9. hiram says:

    No kidding, AC. Last time I checked, “serious political discourse” didn’t include toking a joint at the drum circle followed by dropping a deuce in the flowerbed.

    Well, maybe it does with these folks.

  10. Beef says:

    The protestors in Oakland make the ones in Zucotti Park look like a Boy Scout Jamboree.

    What absolute vermin.

  11. Grunt says:

    And the best part of the message with the Moonbat-Ette? “Uhm…some of these protesters don’t have…legal documentation…”

    So, it’s an open policy for our Constitution to protect criminals’ right to freeload, get drunk, stoned, share disease….?

    Frankly, maybe we need to get some really big, nasty rats and set them loose within the “copmmune”. Immediately followed by the more aggressive members of the K-9 units–including the drug detection dogs.

    Sit back and watch the fun.

  12. Adam says:

    According to the article, there already ARE giant rats infesting that “Commune.” As an alternative, I’d suggest catapulting a few hornets’ nests into them. That would be must- see TV.

  13. Obama Nation says:

    The Enemy Of OWS’s Enemy (the USA) Is Their Friend.

    Be Advised, There Is An Unholy Alliance Between Radical Islam And The Far Left.

    From The Blaze: CAIR Joins Occupy Wall Street, Will Hold Friday Prayers in Zuccotti Park

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