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Jul 21 2018

Moonbats Equate Eating Meat with the Holocaust

With PETA kooks, false equivalence isn’t just a lame fallacy. It is moral insanity. In the video ode below to fellow barking moonbat Isaac Bashevis Singer, PETA activist/Tinseltown bubblehead Natalie Portman equates a normal human diet — which entails eating meat — with the Holocaust that claimed the lives of millions of her fellow Jews.

Better position a barf bucket. The self-righteousness is meant to be inspirational:

Follow through on the logic of denying the special sanctity of human life and psychosis of this caliber is the inevitable conclusion.

The idea is to cause the gullible to recoil in horror from eating regular food. The unintended effect is to take the edge off the horror of the Holocaust, as if genocide were no worse than eating a hamburger. That is why PETA’s food = Nazism nonsense is illegal in Germany.

On a tip from KirklesWorth.

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