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May 28 2018

Moonbats Find Excuses for Thugs Who Killed Officer Amy Caprio

Even as melanin-rich molesters (e.g., Bill Cosby, John Conyers, possibly Morgan Freeman) fall before the #MeToo scythe, do not imagine that women rank above persons of politically preferred pigmentation in our P.C. caste system. Four black lowlifes traveled from inner-city Baltimore to rob suburban homes and killed white policewoman Amy Caprio. Appallingly, excuses are made for the killers.

Authorities say the teenagers were burglarizing homes in Perry Hall Monday afternoon when Baltimore County Police Officer Amy S. Caprio approached the Jeep. They say driver Dawnta Harris, 16, of the Gilmor Homes public housing project in West Baltimore, ran her over.

The murder has generated controversy. Whose side to take?

That the black youths had driven to the county, populated in no small part by decades of white flight from the city, fueled heated exchanges online and over the airwaves.

Where some saw predatory “animals” and “thugs,” others saw demonization and a rush to judgment.

Borrowing an argument from Islamophiles, some deep thinkers note that not all inner-city yutes are vicious hoodlums. So what’s all the fuss?

Plus, those who are vicious hoodlums cannot be blamed because… because root causes.

Baltimore City Councilman John Bullock … a political scientist at Towson University … [yapped fatuously about the] larger issues surrounding the suspects: their education, their neighborhoods, and their own possible exposure to violence. …

“With the school shooter, there’s more psychoanalysis,” Bullock said. “That same introspection doesn’t happen in cases like this.”

That’s because school shooters are white, we are told.

A school shooter is a one in millions freak. Vicious hoodlums are the norm in diverse hellholes like Baltimore. But false equivalence is a favorite fallacy among chin-pulling moonbats.

Kaye Whitehead, an associate professor of communication and African & African American studies at Loyola University Maryland … is disturbed by the “rush to judgment” of the suspects. … She said it’s hard to get past the racial elements of the case.

Libs appear to believe that inner-city yutes cannot be blamed for going out to suburbia to loot and murder, because racist white flight forced them to.

“Baltimore is a microcosm of America,” Whitehead said.

Baltimore City is a microcosm of what America will degenerate into if current trends are not reversed. The rot is spreading, as Officer Caprio’s murder attests.

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