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Sep 25 2018

Moonbats Harass Ted Cruz in DC Restaurant

As Kirstjen Nielsen and Sarah Sanders have learned, it is not always possible for prominent Republicans to dine out in a country infested with radicalized Democrats. Now Senator Ted Cruz knows it too:

Cruz was chased out of a DC restaurant by protesters on Monday night, according to video posted on Twitter.…

One video shows a protester confronting Sen. Cruz and his wife as they entered the restaurant. Sen. Cruz tells the woman “God bless you” before attempting to take a seat at a table.

After the protesters surround the table, Sen. Cruz tells Mrs. Cruz, “Let’s go ahead and go” and puts on his jacket to leave.

As Warner Wolf would say, let’s go to the videotape:

“Survivors” are any women who make #MeToo allegations, regardless of whether the allegations are even remotely credible.

Maxine Waters, who commanded her fellow liberals to publicly harass Republicans, has made her influence felt.

Between this sort of behavior and the contrived slime allegations being used to stall Kavanaugh’s confirmation, Democrats must be driving the last decent people out of their party.

If this is how they behave when they are out of power in Washington, imagine the abuse regular Americans and their representatives will be subjected to when these vermin get the whip hand.

On a tip from 1-Bodhisattva.

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